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    As you know, casinos and online gambling forums have a reputation for being one of the most colorful places you can visit-- with a history that is even more colorful. If you are an avid gambler
    and frequent these locations on a regular basis, then you may be interested in learning some of the fascinating, weird, and fun facts about the establishments. If you have a love for the weird and
    a love for the world of gambling, you have come to the right place. Take a look at the fun facts below to quench your thirst for bizarre facts for the week.

    Fact One: Roulette’s Mischievous Nickname

    If you have spent any time around the roulette wheel at all, then you are probably familiar with its nickname: Devil’s Game. Have you ever wondered why people call it that? You might think that the
    name only makes sense, especially considering all of the cash you have handed over due to bad luck on the roulette wheel! The name “Devil’s Game” certainly makes sense when you remember all
    of the nights it one-upped you and your buddies. However, this fun game is not nicknamed based on its not-always-great odds. The numbers along a roulette wheel, when added up, come to a sum
    of 666 - a number often associated with evil. Perhaps this is where the game got its mischievous nickname. Who’s to say?

    Fact Two: Slots Returns

    Most Las Vegas machines these days pay out somewhere around 100.00 a day each. However, that was not always the case. The largest jackpot ever won on a slot machine was won in the city of Las Vegas,
    and the winner walked away with a grand total of about $40,000,000. Can you imagine being a 40,000,000 dollar jackpot winner after hitting a slot machine lever? The thought gives us tingles just thinking
    about it. Luck is one of the most interesting aspects of gambling because it both frustrates and encourages gamblers to continue betting. The point is, when you do finally hit it big, you will experience one of
    the biggest thrills of your life. You probably will not be winning 40 million dollars on a slot machine any time soon; however, you have to admit that playing slots is still fun no matter how much you win.

    Fact Three: People Like Gambling

    If you are unfamiliar with gambling, you may be surprised to find out just how many people gamble on a regular basis. Over two-thirds of all American adults place at least one gambling bet per year - an
    incredible number, when you think about it. That means that well over half of the people you know have probably placed a bet pretty recently. To make a long story short, people from all backgrounds really
    like to gamble. It is pretty safe to say that gambling is fun after looking at this statistic; just make sure that you gamble safely so that you do not take the fun out of America’s favorite past times.

    Fact Four: We Bet You’ve Never Bet This Much

    Granted, there are probably a lot of really big illegal wagers taking place out there (which we would not recommend that you take part in). However, the largest wager ever to have been placed
    (in a legal fashion) was placed during a Super Bowl. Super Bowl 29 featured the ever-popular team, the 49ers, and an anonymous better was so sure of their prowess that he bet a total just under two
    and a half million dollars on a 49ers victory. Anyone who has spent any amount of time watching football knows that it can be very risky to predict the outcome of a game. Sure, you can analyze the
    situation carefully and include a variety of factors such as past statistics and player ability; however, many factors cannot be figured in to the final prediction of a match. For instance, it would be impossible
    to account for a previously “underdog” player suddenly having a very successful game day due to conditions you had not previously known about. However, these risks did not prevent our man or woman
    from placing a couple of million on the line in the name of his or her favorite team. The story ends happily: he or she did, indeed, win the bet for a total payout of about four hundred thousand dollars on odds
    that settled somewhere around eight to one.

    There you have it, four fun facts about gambling. If you started reading this article because you had nothing else to do, then at least you are walking away wiser man or woman. The next time you walk into
    a casino or start an online gambling game with your buddies, you will be ready to impress. Just spit out a few of these weird facts and your friends are sure to be slightly awed and slightly confused by your
    seemingly random gambling knowledge. Who wouldn’t want that?
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    That are some funny facts. Nice article Marina!
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