40 FREE Spins on Loaded Video Slot at Globet Casino

Discussion in 'Archive - BonusParadise' started by Marina, Nov 14, 2009.

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  1. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member


    BonusParadise.com has an amazing exclusive free spins offer
    for NEW Players at the Microgaming powered Globet Casino.

    40 FREE Spins on Loaded Video Slot at Globet Casino

    How to receive your 40 Free Loaded Slot Spins + 100% Welcome Bonus:

    Download Globet Casino and sign up for a real account.
    Activate your casino account
    Login into your new casino account to make sure it is active.
    You have to download Globet Casino,
    Free Spins can ONLY be credited in the download version.
    Post your Globet Account # in this thread.
    We submit player accounts one time each Tuesday and Friday
    It may then take up to 72 hours for free spins and the activation of your 100% Match Bonus.

    Only new players using our Banner/Link will be eligible for this exclusive bonus.
    It is very important to insure that there is no confusion when you signup by cleaning out your temp. internet files and deleting your cookies before you click on our Banner/Link.

    Terms and Conditions:

    The 40 Free Spins have a value of 10 free casino credits,
    0,1 cent on 25 lines x 40 = 10
    Winnings generated from the free spins must be wagered 30 times
    Only 1 Free Spins offer per player,
    if you claimed anywhere else already such an offer you may NOT claim ours!
    The wagering requirement for the 100% Bonus is 30 times.
    The 100% Bonus will be active ONLY after you got the FREE Spins.
    This is an exclusive offer to BonusParadise.com
    Under no circumstances do you contact the Casino regarding this offer.
    Bonus Paradise is in full control of all related inquiries regarding this.
    In case you have questions or concerns, you can ask the Bonus Paradise Staff
    by doing a post or sending a PM (private message)
    Do not post our exclusive offer elsewhere.
    40 Free Spins + 100% Match Bonus at Globet Casino

    Players from USA, Netherlands and Puerto Rico are NOT accepted at Globet Casino

    Players from Poland cannot claim this exclusive offer.

    Due this exclusive offer has been posted once again on another site
    we have to exclude Polish players from this promotion.

    Do not post our exclusive offers elsewhere please.

    Globet Casino's Terms and Conditions apply.
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  2. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you Globet Casino for this great offer!!:thank you:
  3. buttplug

    buttplug New Member


    thats my account number.

    THX BB:socool:
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  4. palmck

    palmck Active Member

    my account: 1005389. just registered....thanks for the great offer, and i will enjoy the free spins and the 100% bonus.:thank you::thank you::kiss:
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  5. Tanietta1987

    Tanietta1987 Well-Known Member

    My account 1005392

    Tks BP for the great offer! :kiss:
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  6. erpetty

    erpetty Member

    hello my account is 1005393

    good day by all:kiss:
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  7. herlis

    herlis Active Member

    registered - 1005395
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  8. tduterte

    tduterte Member

    Just registered from your link - 1005394

    Thanks Bonus Paradise & Globet for this awesome offer!

    :thank you:
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  9. oliver321

    oliver321 New Member

    my number is:

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  10. ruth99

    ruth99 Active Member

    Great promo....thanks guys :thank you:


  11. retro666

    retro666 New Member

    Thanks to BP and globet!!

    Account number.............1005400
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  12. torejojo

    torejojo New Member

    my accountnr is 1005397

    thanks for the promo

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  13. phorus

    phorus New Member

    my account number is 1005406 thanks
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  14. Jdog

    Jdog New Member

    I just registered with account number

    Thanks for the treats guys!
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  15. vladam1

    vladam1 Member

    Registered - 1005407
    :thank you: Bonus Paradise & Globet :beer:
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  16. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you all for signing up at Globet.com

    I think many did not even know that they also have a microgaming casino.
    We are so excited that we may offer such an awesome promo

    Many thanks to Globet from all of us at Bonus Paradise
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2009
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  17. suesse777

    suesse777 New Member

    I registered with Accountnumber:


    :thank you:
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  18. juto

    juto New Member

    my account number 1005412.
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  19. slavoie

    slavoie New Member

    hi my account# is 1005414 ty so much BP
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  20. Freeman79

    Freeman79 New Member

    Hi there,my account number is 1005413

    Thanks for this cool offer :-D :kiss:
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