5 Brand New Video Slots just launched!

1 Free Chance at Casino Classic


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May 3, 2008
There are 5 Brand New Video Slots available now at iNetBet Casino:

Crazy Vegas

Golden Retriever


Medal Tally




Warlocks Spell - Win up to 100 FREE GAMES


All of them offer a FreeSpins and/or Bonus Features

and iNetBet is offering a 100% Match Bonus for the New Games launch just check the scrolling marque in the casino lobby.
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Medal Tally
jackpot starts at $15.000​
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The games look hot Marina!!
Thank you for posting!!!
They really sound like fun!​
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i noticed that Inetbet Casino is offering a 100% match to try out the new games
might be a good deal to try them out!

just login into the casino to redeem your 100%​
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A new scratch card games have also been added:

Lucky 8's

These scratch cards also have a random jackpot that can be
won at any time - much in the same way as when playing the real series slots.

These games can be found in the Specialty Games section of the lobby.​
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Elle, I dont know where you play.
But i always play at Inetbet Casino.
They had a upgrade few days ago, with the new games also in it.
When i was loggin in, the new games where added to.
You must not download the yourself....
What computer you have???
You can try to install and uninstall you software..
Could also be a low internet conection

Read more about iNetBet Casino ...
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i did the uninstall and re install and they are in now... i love the warlock game...
Great it works now for you Elle
yeah that Warlock Spell Slot is very nice
Good luck hon​
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