5 Online Slots to Welcome Back The Waking Dead

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May 3, 2008
After a mid-season hiatus, the Walking Dead is about to grace our screens again. Although AMC and Aristocrat paired up to make an epic slot game based on the show’s first season, it’s only
available in land-based casinos. If you’ve caught walker fever, but can’t make it to a brick and mortar casino to play the branded game, here are five frighteningly fun zombie-themed online slots.

1. Zombies

If you’re a Walking Dead fan, you probably like to stay true to the horror genre. That means no cute cartoon zombie families and certainly no smiling faces. NetEnt brings on the gore and terror with their
game, simply titled “Zombies.” It’s a 5-reel, 20-payline video slot. Betting starts at a penny, the RTP is over 97-percent, and you can win up to 100,000 coins. The ambient sounds are enough to make a person
want to keep the lights on while playing and the graphics are chilling, to say the least. There’s a disconnected eyeball, with bits hanging off it, some makeshift weaponry like a nail-encrusted baseball bat, and a
few icons designed to help you in a post-apocalyptic world. The odd thing about Zombies is that it’s not really fast-paced. You can play for quite a while with nothing happening and then BAM! You’re fighting
zombies in a bonus game. You’ll also find scatters, wilds and multipliers, as well as a smooth gaming experience, like only NetEnt can create.

2. ZombiEzee Money

Designed by Rival, ZombiEzee Money has graphics more in line with what you’d expect from a comic book. Icons include a couple of reanimated corpses, some heroes, and, of course, brains. Although
the graphics aren’t nearly as frightening as NetEnt’s Zombies, the audio is. If you’re easily startled by blood-curdling screams, you might want to keep your volume down. ZombiEzee Money is loaded with
features, like expanding wilds, free spins, scatters, multipliers and two bonus games. It has 20 paylines, 5 reels, plus a jackpot of 4,000 coins with an RTP of 95-percent. Betting starts at a single coin, so you
can grab your weapon of choice and battle for a good long time.

3. Zombie Rush

Although this video slot has easy to use controls like a BetSoft game, and awesome 3D graphics like a NetEnt game, it was actually created by Leander. It’s very hard to pin down the style of graphics,
because they do have a kid-friendly feel, yet they’re slightly hideous, in a good way. Perhaps one could think of it as akin to Tim Burton’s “A Nightmare Before Christmas.” You’ll find heroes, zombies,
brains and weaponry. The minimum starting bet is 20 cents on this 5-reel, 20-payline video slot, and the jackpot is set at 1,500 coins. There are free spins, wilds, scatters, and a bonus game. The RTP
is just below 95-percent, and it does a fair job of delivering a storyline, which really pulls you into the game.

4. Zone of the Zombies

If you’ve ever had a look at The Walking Dead comic book, Zone of the Zombies by Cryptologic looks very much like it. The 5-reel, 20-payline video slot has a jackpot of 6,000 coins and is the only progressive
slot that made this list. It actually has two different progressive jackpots and there’s no special combo needed to win them, they simply randomly awarded. The icons are similar to those included in the other
games, such as a detached eyeball, weapons, heroes, and some pieces parts of zombies. There are also wilds, scatters, and a shoot ‘em up-style bonus game.

5. Alaxe in Zombieland

Microgaming has always created top-notch games, but they jumped in with some of the more recent trends when they designed Alaxe in Zombieland, and it’s absolutely to-die-for. It’s a parody on Alice in
Wonderland, in which the characters are all much darker and zombielike. The Mad Hatter is even madder than usual and is missing the top of his skull. Although it’s hard to tell, he could very well be eating
brains out of his top hat. Alice, the once innocent girl retains her blonde locks, but she appears to be prone to violent bursts of rage. The 5-reel, 25-payline video slot plays out more like a real game than a slot.
There are multipliers, wilds, scatters, and three totally unique bonus features. The only thing that’s not eerie about the game is its 50,000-coin jackpot.

So far, Aristocrat hasn’t said anything about bringing their The Walking Dead slot to the online masses. While we wait, we’ll just have to enjoy the show when it hits the air again and take advantage of other
zombie games which remain true to the horror-genre. If you scare easily, though, don’t play any of these in an empty house.
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