$50,000 Freeroll Here I Come!

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Jun 1, 2008
Grottoes, Virginia, U.S.A.
Everyone Wish Me Luck Today,
As I Am Playing In The Wass Poker $50,000 Freeroll Today!
There Should Be About 2000 Players Or So, And Top 300 Getting Paid. If I Win 1st Place, lol,
We'll Have A BIG Freeroll! lol​

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Hey good luck!!............hope you get some good cards!

Well, Those Words Rang True Guys, I Didn't Really Get Any Cards And I Mean The Whole Game. I Got AA Once And Doubled Up, Started With 2000 Chips, But Only Got Up To 4500 Chips, And I Think I Probably Folded 90% Of My Hands Because The Cards Suck. Ended Up 457th Out Of About 2500, And Just Out Of The Money.

This Also Ends My $50,000 Tournament Streak Of 4 Straight Cashes In This Tourney.

My Last Cash Was About $200 For 67th Place Or So.

Oh Well, Always Next Month. Thanks For Your Support Guys, I Was Trying To Win One For You ! lol​
anyway wel done dmoney
to be player 457th out of 2500 poker players
is still very good

1 time i did play a freeroll with 15000
and i won place 3
its pitty that it was only $13
Thanks For The Encouraging Words Mick, It Would
Be Awesome To Win This Poker Tournament. The Coolest Thing Besides The
$5,000 1st Place Prize Is The Akolade They Give You Beside Your Name.

It's A Spinning Crown And That Thing Is Awesome! One Look At It, And
Instant Intimidation For The Surrounding Players At The Table! :D

Thanks Again, And Maybe I'll Run Into At The Tables In That Tournament?​

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