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May 27, 2008

I would love to know
if there are members that play at these tournaments,
and maybe won something...

You can still play these tournaments
Get ready for the action guys!

If you dont have an account at All Slots Casino you better sign up now
You dont wanna miss the chance winning
a great prize there!

Join a $25,000 Weekly Final tournament each weekend!

During September, play to win a share of the prize pool or a spot in the
$100,000 Semi-Final!

In October, in addition to the cash prizes, you could win a spot in
the $200,000 Grand Final!

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i play at jackpot casino... won first prize once (12.50) and 7th prize (2.50) oh and once at another casino i won 3rd prize (3 dollars)...
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Thanks Elle!!!
I won once at a other tournament, few times a weekender and one time 15....
I love the tournaments, i must admit i dont play a lot.
But, always when i have a little time i register​
I play these tourneys all the time. I have won small amounts quite a few times and I also won an entry to the 100,000 tourney coming soon!:cool:
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