6 Reasons Online Poker Is So Popular

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May 3, 2008
Poker has long been an appealing and fashionable game and things aren’t going to change any time soon. Many people are in for the thrills, others are in for the money.
Poker is a game of strategy and skill. Instead of facing the house card-holders, you get to play against one another, with all players’ strategies and skills put to the test.
It is also one of the most profitable of all gambling and card games. Pulling off a big bluff is exciting, and a chance to win big is more than enticing.
Move the game online, and there are many more reasons that poker remains so popular.

Listed below are a few of the main advantages that playing online poker can offer.

1. Low Buy-in

Most online poker games come with very low entry fees as compared to live tournaments. In addition, many gambling websites offer daily incentives or credits in exchange for the entry fees.
Thanks to the high-profit potentials of poker, it is possible for you to clear a large amount of money from a very low buy-in. Other tournaments may be free, giving you a chance to gain experience,
earn fake money, and up your player status.

2. Low- or No-Risk Tournaments

Even if you are not yet making money while playing poker online, you can at least not lose it while you practice! Whether you simply play for fun or want to build up your skills and hone your strategies,
there are many tiers of available, entertaining tournaments for players of all levels. Here, you can truly develop the personal side of “your game” as you learn the overall rules and fundamentals.

Additionally, there is often much less financial risk online, as many websites will offer you the option of playing for tokens, credits, or fake money. Similarly, a higher player status shows that you know
how to play and can do it well.

Finally, a low-risk environment can relieve some of the pressure on your game. A competitive-yet-friendly field will give you the opportunity to study other players’ moves and perfect your own game.
Playing a few games just for fun or with smaller stakes will boost both your skills and your confidence.

3. Customizable Gaming Experience

Playing poker online gives you access to hundreds of rooms, so you can truly customize your experience. Thanks to the huge variety of online games, you can match your playing level and even your personality.
Texas Hold’ em and Omaha High, among the most popular versions of classic poker, each have multiple variations and spin-offs. Other common games include the two-player Heads-up, the popular Razz,
the newer Badugi, and the 8-game mix.

Low-stakes games can provide stress relief and fun as a leisure activity while higher stakes games give you the prospect of showing off your poker skills while earning some cash.

4. Open Accessibility

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of playing poker online is the option to play at any time, 24/7. This means you can fit playing into your schedule, when the stress of day-to-day life and work is over.
Most rooms are more active and popular at night, but there are tournaments available around the clock.

Online poker players can be completely anonymous, thanks to their screen names. You can play from a comfy chair or quiet room in your home, perhaps late at night when you can be free from outside
distraction or interruption. No poker faces are necessary: in this respect, the playing field is leveled. You may find it harder to guess when someone else is bluffing, but it is also even more rewarding
when you pull off a big one. With less pressure, you can truly enjoy the game.

5. Universal Rules, Worldwide Participation

The anonymity of the online poker environment also means that you could play against a neighbor, a poker celebrity, or someone who lives hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Your mental image
of a middle-aged, tight-lipped poker player might be way off, as online games mean all sexes and ages are welcome. Each variation of poker has its own set of rules, but with tutorials, “just for fun”,
and no-fee tournaments available, players of all types can gain experience. In addition to free play tournaments, there are a variety of tables available for each level of spender, from low to high.
Winning a game against such diverse, skilled groups of individuals can be just as rewarding as actually winning money!

6. No Traveling Necessary

Finally, one of the biggest advantages of playing online casino games is that you won’t have to pay travel expenses. You can compete alongside people from around the world with no plane tickets or hotel costs!
Thanks to the huge number of game types and skilled players, online tournaments can be just as intense and competitive as in-person events.

Try a few free practice tournaments, pick up a few new strategies, and then consider playing for cash.
As is true with any type of gambling, you should never risk higher stakes than you can afford: always play within your financial means.


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May 5, 2008
I'm very intimidated to try poker, but every now and then I'll give it a shot. A lot of sites I see Poker and Blackjack as separate entities.
Is Blackjack considered poker? I've asked many and some say yes and some say no. What do you think?
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