7 Obscure Slots to Break Your Online Gaming Monotony

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May 3, 2008
Are you tired of playing the same slots over and over again? Although there’s something to be said for playing online slots you’re familiar with, sometimes it can get a little monotonous. It can be a nice
change of pace to try something a little unusual to spice things up again. If you’re trying to find something a little different, these seven games are sure to foot the bill. Pulled from all corners of the net,
here are some of the oddest, craziest and most bizarre online slots available.

1. Fumi's Fortune

Japanese game shows are known throughout the world for their zany antics and wacky hosts. Cryptologic took this concept and morphed it into an online slot game. Although it’s not based on a real program,
the hosts, Fumi and Aki, capture every bit of the energy you’d expect from one. Gameplay starts out fairly basic with some hopping tunes. It’s not until you hit a bonus round that you start to see the characters
come to life. Without ruining the experience, it’s safe to say that the animations are lively and delightful and will probably elicit a chuckle. Betting starts as low as a single coin and the game features 5 reels and
25 paylines. It’s non-progressive and most sources place the RTP at 94-percent or higher.

2. 40 Shades of Santa

If this concept doesn’t leave you scratching your head, nothing will. Probability developed this novelty slot exclusively for Paddy Power and, yes, it’s a combination of merry and dark. St. Nick looks to be about
50 shades of red in this spinoff, as it includes a few things that are sure to land anyone squarely on the naughty list. It features 5 reels, 50 paylines, and comes with a blindfold for the faint of heart. The RTP is
a little over 94-percent on this game, too, which seems to be about par for the course for specialty slots.

3. Chain Reactors Super Trails

Openbet has released an entire series of Chain Reactors slot games. They’re more of a hybrid between Tetris or Bejeweled and a slot, than a traditional casino game. Rather than reels and paylines, Super Trails
features a 7x7 grid of animated faces, balls, bombs and more. These tiny characters bounce around or fall off the screen in delight shouting “Wee!” with every bet. Sound effects also include traditional slot machine sounds, which makes for a very odd combination. Like the first two games on the list, Super Trails has an RTP of over 94-percent.

4. HoffMania

Words can’t describe just how cheesy HoffMania is, unless of course, shirtless golden statues of David Hasselhoff is your kind of thing. This 5-reel video slot was designed by the software developers Novomatic/GreenTube and includes some beautiful ladies sporting ‘Hoff shirts as well. As for paylines, it’s considered an “all pay” game, which means it pays out on winning combinations on all
neighboring reels.You can spin your way to wilds, free spins, and a great big thumbs-up from David himself. The RTP is set at about 95-percent.

5. Vortex

Overall, Vortex might not seem that odd to you if you’re into sci-fi or fantasy fiction. The time travel-themed game was put out by iSoftBet and has icons from every possible time and dimension.
It features five reels and nine paylines, plus some vivid animations. You’ll also see lightning flashes and a few strange characters.

6. Sneak a Peek Planet Exotica

Even hardcore sci-fi fans will likely be bewildered by Microgaming’s Planet Exotica. The game is set in an intergalactic gentlemens’ club, and features alien women who shimmy a bit when you win.
Icons include several space babes, a bouncer, bartender, bizarre-looking drink, and other oddities. It has 5 reels and 15 paylines, plus a reported RTP of about 96-percent.

7. EggOMatic

NetEnt put out the electrifying EggOMatic game. It begins with an animated short which explains the story behind the game and the entire video slot continues with the same high-quality graphics.
It has 5 reels and 20 paylines of robotic chicken fun. Aside from the obscure theme, it has an RTP of over 96-percent, which makes it the highest one on the list, and also worth a play.

It seems there’s no rhyme or reason behind some of these titles. Perhaps these are the types of games that designers come up with when they’re given free reign or have too much time on their hands.
Whatever caused them to come to fruition, at the very least, they’re totally original. If the games in your regular rotation start to feel a little dull, try one of these on for size. Even if the game is a little strange,
or, in some cases, a lot strange, you just might walk away with a bit of cash.
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May 27, 2008
Thank your for this great article boss. Hoffmania may be a bit cheesy, but still nice to play.
Who cant resist the Hoff:D
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