7 Wild promo today only!

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May 5, 2008

7 Wild
GET $7 no deposit bonus for FREE!

Now i need one member that already got an account at 7 spins
and request the 7 free again at the live chat .....and post if you get it again
its says in the calender how i see it.....evryone should get a 7 Free chip....

who can comfirm this for me...


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hi, they said that only if the customer's that have deposited at least once are able to claim the wild 7 promotion. so i didn't get it because i didn't deposit yet.
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i havent deposit in 7spin and i got 7free when i signed up. i did try to claim the 7free from livechat for a minut ago and was told its only for depositors to get the 7free. mulle22:sad:
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i try that, i did go to livechat and typed 7wildmonday, but he said it was only for depositors and they havent been giving the 7free twice without a deposit. no luck for me. mulle22:sad:
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I went to live chat and requested 7wildmonday, and i got it within 5 seconds. I have deposited there a few weeks ago.
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Who ever did deposit in the last 7 days
can claim today again a $7 No deposit!
It really does pay to deposit a bit.

I surely love the weekly bonus​

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