A Dubliner Won $1.5 Million Jackpot Prize Playing Red Tiger’s Lucky Halloween Slot



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May 3, 2008
The news of NetEnt acquiring Red Tiger Gaming was circling the internet the past two weeks, and now, there is different exciting news that made the headlines: a lucky player from Dublin has won a $1.5 million jackpot prize playing Red Tiger's slot Lucky Halloween. The slot in question features the developer’s recently introduced Daily Drop Jackpots, which in a span of six months delivered a total of $2.5 million.

The player was watching the friendly match between Ireland and Bulgaria, got a little bit bored by the 1-1 result that stayed like that for a while and decided to give the slot a go. The Dubliner went on to Paddy Power, placed a $4 bet, and minutes later saw the mind-blowing win on his phone screen.

The Big Jackpot Win on Red Tiger’s Lucky Halloween

Red Tiger Gaming introduced the Daily Drop Jackpot network at the beginning of 2019, and in August, announced that the network has paid out $2.5 million. There were several smaller wins, and a dozen of significant wins, but none nearly as significant as the latest one.

As it turned out, a month after the developer announced the total sum of $2.5 million delivered by the network, a Paddy Power player tried his luck and landed more than half of what was delivered in 6 months. The married man from Dublin, a father of two, came home from work and sat down to watch Ireland vs Bulgaria friendly match. Being utterly bored by the way the Irish team was playing, it occurred to him to give the Red Tiger’s Lucky Halloween slot machine a go. He went on to Paddy Power, loaded the slot, and placed a $4 bet. Little did he know that by the final whistle he would become a millionaire, and his team would win!

The Dubliner had just started working at a retail chain of supermarkets, so being exhausted from work, he sat down to relax and cheer for the Irish team. Seeing that the 1-1 score was going on forever, he decided to try his luck on Paddy Power. He placed his $4 deposit and started spinning the reels of Lucky Halloween. When he saw the sum he had won, he was left speechless. He couldn't believe his eyes, so he sent his brother a screenshot of the win to double-check the sum. He was unsure whether it was $1.5 million or $1.5 thousand, and fearing that he might have misread the decimal point, asked his brother for help.

Now, two minutes after his brother confirmed it was actually $1.5 million, the Dubliner saw Ireland scoring its second goal, courtesy of Kevin Long. And not long after, that goal was followed by another one by James Collins that wrapped up the match 3-1. In a blink of an eye, the fortunate player was a millionaire and his team won the match! Talk about a lucky day!

Details on the Lucky Halloween Slot

Lucky Halloween is a slot with an obvious Halloween theme, presented to perfection by the developer, with seamless graphics and awesome animations. Its gameplay revolves around four special features, the Mega Wild, the Pumpkin Tree, the Random Wilds and the Special Reels, each offering different benefits to you. But then there’s the Free Spins bonus feature, which gets triggered with 3 Free Spins symbols landing on the reels, and there’s the Full Moon Bonus feature, triggered with 3 Bonus symbols. These features can take you to a base game win of $250,000.

However, the prize can get much bigger than that one, should you manage to land 3 jackpot symbols and trigger the jackpot feature. The thing is, Lucky Halloween features the Daily Drop Jackpots, so whenever you load the game, there will be 3 different jackpot prizes to be won. One of it is the Cash Booster jackpot, the other one the Daily Jackpot, which actually must drop every single day before 11:00 pm, and the third and most rewarding one, the Monster Jackpot which starts seeding at $100,000. When you win the corresponding jackpot prize, 3 pots will light up and inform you on your win.

In our lucky Dubliner’s case, the 3 pots on the Monster Jackpot were highlighted, telling him he had won $1.5 million! Halloween is nearly a month away, but it will most certainly be the best one for this fortunate player!
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