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Jun 1, 2008
Truthly, I do a lot of research, if time permits, in the online gambling world. With the help with others, we have come up with some strange happening.
I have tried very hard to keep up with Kentucky Governor's sieze on 141 poker and casino domains.
Lately, have came across something, that was broadcasted, supposedly on a radio station, that talk about poker, casinos, and gambling. Live games and online games.
Supposedly, the do alot of talking about the laws.
Was reported, that comment was made, that a group of lawyers in the Chicago area put a scheme together to get money out of online poker and casino sites.
They took this scheme and supposedly offered it to many states, and the Kentucky Govenor, was that bit, and to take hook line and sinker.
Now if all remember, the Kentucky Attorney General, said he did not know that the Govenor was doing what govenor doing.
Now remember, an Attorney General is the person, that takes any and all cases against the state, or for the state.
This said, now remember, the Governor took this up on himself to find away to bring this to court, and it is reported that he seeked help from more than one judge, to deem this possible.
As I have had said, someone is trying to fill their personal pockets with money.
This govenor, the judge, and anyone involved, are not looking to help the State of Kentucky, as a whole. In some sense of the word, I see racketeering, in a forum of the worst kind.
This governor is not concerned, for the good people of Kentucky, but is concerned to line his pockets and his banking accounts. If it was a concern for the people of Kentucky, the Attorney General would be all over it.
If some may be wondering, why doesn't the Attorney General, do something about it. Well that may be had. It like when you have a a corrupt city police force, or a Sheriff department, and there may still be a few not corrupted, one person cannot do it alone. It takes someone from the outside, that has no ties, and here you have a govenor, in the act. It takes a wolf, that is not afraid, to start it, and then it takes time, Which in time more damage is done.
If it was a concern of horse racing in Kentucky, don't be stupid, put the computers in, go online and take the bets, Kentucky. You all would be amazed as to the income that could be made.
If it's concern of land based casinos, build some, amazing how Kentucky residents, leave for the day to play at casinos nearest them.
Oh yes, can't forget being worried about the children of the state. Govenor, if you are so worried about them, why is it, you have so many adult massage parlors, adult strip and dance clubs and the age limit is low than most other states allow. Besides all the the adult book stores, and again as to the age limit you all allow people to work at. Oh and the prostitution that goes on, and not talking of one town, we are talking about all over the state, and when the police drive by no one hides, all just wave and go about their business.
Yes govenor, I do have more, but I know you are just to busy, with the concern of all the fine people of Kentucky.
Maybe soon, some one well wake up, and see what you are doing.
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