A Story Of My AA vs. AA In A Home Game...



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Jun 1, 2008
Grottoes, Virginia, U.S.A.
i do have one story and one of the worst beats with AA!(or win!lol)
was playing a home game and first hand of the night! what do you know ,i'm dealt AA. we start with $20 in chips and blinds start at 25 cent and 50 cent.(to get an idea of the betting going on) so i raise to 3 dollars,one guy to my left calls,everyone folds guy to my right reraises a dollar more,i reraise 3 more dollars,first guy calls then second guy reraises dollar again(they allow a raise of any at this game)i call his dollar and at this point i go all in.. the first guy finally folds and it comes to the second guy!(remind you this is the first hand) he thinks about possibilities and taking his time(feeling pretty good about my aces!)

he lets another guy see his cards and he says you have to call with that hand,you have the best one in poker.(is it possible he has AA too?) so finally he calls, flips over and he in fact does have AA!(unbelievable!right?) all i remember is i had the ace of clubs..everyone is calling it a split pre-flop...BUT the flop comes ..HEART ,CLUB,CLUB. (hmmm?) what is the turn? another CLUB...(uh -oh) one more to go, and here comes the river.....ITS A CLUB! LOL now thats unbelievable I ran out the flush on him(what is the odds?) doubled up and a half on that pot (1ST hand!)remember the guy that folded?he had about half his stack in the pot and then folded! so what do you think about your AA getting cracked by another AA? lol anyways thats my story hoped you enjoyed it!​
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Nov 1, 2008
I have been in your position before "me AA vs villian J8" runner runner flush
and again "KK vs KK" my villian got runner runner flush all heart.
Just yesterday in tournament pool $1600 early game I got AKo and my opponent have AKs all spade.
and board is spade spade red, turn bring nothing and last card spade
and when I have set there will be the one who will always re-raise me all-in to semi-bluff flush draw and usually will got it at river if againt me.
and when I have flush A high at the flop there alway be one guy hold a set and got full house at the turn or river...........

Usually I will not suckout many people like this, I think the problem is I fold! it before I got it cause I play by the odd and think if I far behind I should fold.... maybe next time I will turn to continue calling like calling station and make a suckout record :nuts:
Really tried of this thing and don't know why it happen I only one will lose, not win like my opponent before. Maybe because I folded some sucker hand peoflop then I sucker less than other.
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Jun 1, 2008
Grottoes, Virginia, U.S.A.
I know how you feel and what you are saying my friend, as it never seems like i ever get the favor returned on the river. What can you do though? just gotta keep playing through the bad times, and rake it in during the good times. Poker is always up and down. Thanks for sharing with us.


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Mar 22, 2009
when I saw this
I thought AA(Alcoholics Anonymous)
and AA(American Airlines )

Actually, the nickname for pocket aces is actually american airlines so you are not that far off really.


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Apr 18, 2009
congrats on getting the better end of it. if you play enough poker you know it is a majority split most of the time. i have been on the winning and losing end when someone hits a flush with their aces. when you win it is good but losing in that situation is devastating.

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