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Nov 1, 2008
Hey Bonus Paradise, I'm not sure where to put this so I'm placing it here. I'm really interested in playing BlackJack Tournaments but there are so many forum subjects that have both slots, video, slots etc. Is there anyway you could have a subject that is solely dedicated to BlackJack Tournaments? Thanks for your time..

Welcome LarryDawg
thanks for your suggestion,

This forum is only live since June 08
and its growing with the day,
we adding new forums and think about how to have all good organized
so that our members are still able to navigate easy.

You idea about adding especially something for BlackJack players is good.
Thank you

Did you already try to play the BlackJack Tournaments at Platinum Play or Royal Vegas Casino ?​
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Hey Marina, Thanks for the reply and I'll check into the links you supplied I'm sure they'll be a great place to have some fun and excitement.
I'm sure you all have your hands full but thought it would a good idea if BP opened a Blackjack league. I'm sure it would be a huge event that members would like to get into. Just an idea you must admit there isn't many forums out there that have this type of format. Anyway best of luck in your future tournaments hope you win big. L8R
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