A very special Christmas Day for Bonus Paradise

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May 5, 2008
Two years ago on Christmas Day, Mike and Marina
welcomed this very special Christmas Gift into
their home


Bonus Paradise's Sarah, has brought joy and heartfelt love to all

As she grows and grows


she spreads happiness and love with a touch of a smile to all.

On this very special day.......We wish our dearest Sarah the happiest birthdays ever.

Great job Mike and Marina.
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Really the time goes so quik....
but she is a angel and she will be alwash a angel for me.
2 already no way :snowplay:
cant wait when she is 3 or 4:lmao:
Merry Cristmas everyone
Hey Happy Birthday to the little boss.lol Also hope you all have yourself a great Christmas.

Oh also Kotsy woof woof woof
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1st of all, how sweet to see BP's dear
Sarah! I remeber the day she was born, i belive i won a contest
for a gif i posted hehe "Baby Paradise". What a wonderful present every year
you guys get to look forward to. Yes time flies whether you are having fun
or not, so cherish every moment with sweet Sarah. Happy Birthday And Merry Christmas
Little one of BP! This kinda reminds me of the truman show movie with Jim Carrey rof.

And dogbites, Where the hell have you been! roflmao Good to also see you my friend!​
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Alles Gute zum Geburtstag mein kleiner Engel Sarah!

Sarah is the best gift I ever got
she making us smile each single day
I am so very thankful to have her,

Ich liebe Dich von ganzem Herzen Sarah :kiss:
Deine Mami​
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Happy Birthday Sarah, boss of the bosses!

I am wishing you all the best, luck, health and peace.

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for me also a special christmas day.happy birthday Sarah en also mike and marina.love you all :hugs:granny.:kiss:
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Awwww thank you soo much ruey and everyone!!!
Its great to see such nice post!
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Happy Birthday Sarah, i hope all your wishes come true!

Mike and Marina, you have a lovely little girl luvslots
Happy Birthday
Merry Christmas Dear Sarah!

I too remember the Joyous day she arrived to put the light into her parents eyes!
Surely the most PRECIOUS gift her proud parents will ever get for Christmas !

God Bless and Keep your little family!​
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Well first of all, I just realized I don't think I got here to wish you all Happy Holidays. Bad Tramp that I am.............soooooooooooooo, I hope all u all have just a wonder Holiday season......and if i did this already........omg, don't get old. Hahaha
2nd of all Happy Birthday little Sarah............so cute, and wonderful parents I might add.......​
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