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May 3, 2008
Online Bingo

by Marina - BonusParadise.com

Online Bingo is a very interesting beast to tackle and analyze, simply because of the complexity that it carries. When you consider bingo in the offline form of the game,
keeping track of the scores and all of the numbers that have been called can be difficult, but in the online game keeping track of everything that is going on is a little bit easier,
even if the code that makes it possible is harder to write.
Like with most other forms of online gaming, there are people that absolutely love online bingo and people that absolutely hate it.
Here are some of the reasons why.

Reasons to Love Online Bingo

One of the reasons to love online bingo, simply put, is that it really allows you to get a high amount of action not normally possible in the offline bingo world.
Time between number calls is quite extensive in the offline world, especially since there are many senior citizens playing the game. The automatic number calling and the fact that you can actually have your cards automatically filled in as the numbers come up makes for a much faster game in the online arena.

Additionally, if you play online bingo from home, you actually end up in a situation
where it is easier for you to concentrate on the bingo cards than in the actual bingo hall. This is because bingo halls tend to be crowded and smoke-filled whereas your home
is about as comfortable as it can get.

Finally, the pricing is another aspect of online bingo that people absolutely love.
There are many people that have had to cut out bingo as a hobby from their life because
of the rising prices of food and gas around the world, but many of these people have been able to save themselves by turning to the game online.
Where a game in a bingo hall might cost dollars, you have the option of playing in games online that cost pennies. You can even play in free games if that is what you want;
just one more reason to love online bingo.

Reasons to Hate It

One reason that many people tend to hate online bingo is because they believe the games are dishonestly rigged so that only certain people can win. While this is a legitimate fear that is born from the uncertainty that comes with the internet, at the same time this legitimate fear is not one that is backed up by fact. The best known online bingo sites are as honest as you can get and that is provable through third party auditing.

In addition to a lack of honesty, people also tend to believe that online bingo games
are not particularly secure. Because many of these online bingo websites will ask for credit card numbers in order to make deposits, it is quite easy to see why this perceived lack
of security could lead to a hatred of online bingo.
However, just like with the rigging issue, there is no fact or substance to the argument about security, since auditing can also prove the secure servers that most online bingo websites run on.
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how do you personally feel about the security of these sites? I was honestly thinking about playing until I read this post and now I must admit I am a little uneasy
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Marina I cant believe that you have actually made me want to try Bingo now! Never been interested before. First time for everything !

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