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May 3, 2008
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by Marina - BonusParadise.com

Doyle Brunson, Johnny Chan and Phil Hellmuth are three of the most famous poker players in the world, each one being a living legend to a particular part of the game. They all also happen to run their own online poker sites at Doyle’s Room, Chan Poker and Ultimate Bet respectively. With these three behemoths in the online poker field, you can bet that it has become one of the most popular online activities in existence, both from the point of view of selling online poker and buying it. As with most other online activities, there are millions of people around the world that play online poker, but there are also a number of people that might be hesitant to get into the game. Both groups of people have their reasons for making those decisions.

Reasons for Popularity

There are many reasons for popularity of online poker, but one of the most poignant has to be the fact that online poker allows you to play with the best. Name a famous poker star and chances are that they are affiliated with and regularly play on one of the better known poker websites. Aside from the three mentioned above, Mike Matusow and Phil Ivey both play on Full Tilt Poker, while Daniel Negreanu plays on Poker Stars. There are very few other online activities where you get to play with the best and that is most definitely a reason as to why the game is so popular.

In addition to this however, online poker allows people to play poker regardless of where they live in the world. Sometimes playing poker is even harder to do offline than finding casinos, because not all casinos have poker card rooms attached to them. For that reason, online poker has become a very important part of the poker scene.

For many people as well, the bonuses really attract them to play online poker. Bonus amounts allow the house to bring more people to their game and they make up for the bonus by releasing it at rates slower than the rake they bring in because of it. Because of that reason, poker bonuses make the house money and they allow a lot of break even or slight loss players to actually make money because of the bonus backing them up.

Action is another aspect of the online poker game that appeals to many people. Action at an offline poker game might be 30 hands per hour if you’re lucky, whereas at an online poker turbo ring game you could easily see four times that amount of hands in the exact same amount of time. For people that want heavy action, online poker is most definitely the place to go.

Reasons for Apprehension

As with most things, it would appear that online poker can not be successful without some people being suspicious of it. Specifically, people tend to be suspicious of the ease of online collusion in poker games, a fact that keeps many of them from enjoying a very good game of poker. While online collusion might at first seem intuitively easier in the online arena, what you will very quickly notice is that it is actually easier to track in the online realm because of the wealth of hand history information available to the house when a charge is made. All they have to do is check the hand histories and if it appears as though collusion has happened, then they can return the victim their money.

Security is top notch on most online poker websites and cash transactions are quite safe as well. Because of this, online poker brings many good things to the table, with almost no bad things to counter them.
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Thanks for the information, worth reading man. Since i am new to this forum and i have been looking into every threads and posts that have made here, i came across yours too. As i was simply reading then i only i came to know it is about the poker information. You have stated about the security and stuffs, i like reading it. thank you.
Always good to get info thanks alot your work its much appreciated:socool:
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uhh, don10 i hate to break the news to you that online poker isn't what you are implying in fact it's really great and fun to get a table going with friends from around the world.For example i would probably never get the chance to play against Mike ( the owner of this great web site by the way ) because he is on the other side of the world, but thanks to online poker i have had the chance to enjoy several games against him and to even get to school him,lol....if i misunderstood what you were trying to say then i apologize in advance if i came across sorta rude, buuuuuttt if i didn't then ?????
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online poker is only for fun and for bingo players

Well depending on what stakes you play, where you are playing, and who you are playing with, really makes all of the difference. Yes, alot of times, there are many donks in every game that you play, but if you really think about it, they are still playing poker too. They are still playing their cards how they choose. It may not be somebody elses way of playing, but it is not for someone else to decide how someone else plays their cards. In the long, the donks will go broke, and they more skilled players, will eventually come out ahead.

The thing about private games and freerolls from forums is that once you have become an active member of a forum and get to know some of the people around the forum, then you start to make friends. This is what we at Bonus Paradise is trying to achieve, to bring our members, our friends, a fun place to play among other members of our forums.

The advantages of you guys supporting such games is that you will get a fun game, a game with decent players, and from time to time, we can manage to get money added to these games, increasing the pot. Also, the more you play, the more familiar you will get with other members styles of play.

So, with that being said, there are many ways to have games without so many bingo players and donks, but everyone has to want these games and show up to play and support them. It can be very much fun, very exciting, and very much enjoyable to play online poker especially with forums like ours.

Also, i know many people that play online poker, and is a very good source of extra income for them, so success can be achieved playing online poker as well.​
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I agree that online poker has its advantages and disadvantages. An obvious advantage is that unlike in live poker, you dont have to travel around the world to play against good players. However, many people do become suspicious because they cant see the cards being shuffled, which is definitely a disadvantage for some
Personally I play online because of its convinience and the fact that live games generally higher stakes. However, I do enjoy live more when I play the occasionally MTT (I only play MTT's live as cash games would severly dent my bankroll and when I enter an MTT I know what I can lose, make sure I can afford it, and I would be able to lose more than the buy-in so the potential loss is capped at the buy-ins. I only play freezeouts not rebuys for the reasons stated above.
i do the same my friend, our home games are usually always freezeouts and i never really liked rebuys. I don't mind maybe a 1 or 2 time rebuy sometimes, but generally prefer the freezeout. You get a guys true poker game during the freezeout, and also, me, i might not take certain chances i normally would not take for the fact if i lose , i'm out.
Yes, I agree- freezeouts rock however if I can cough up enough cash by saving up a bit I enjoy entering a few bounty tournament online, bounty tournaments are great fun.:socool:
Thanks for the very interesting info. I was a bit worried about online poker transactions, but since it is safe, my mind is at ease.:thank you:
Thanks for the information. I'd need to have a big bankaccount to play Phil Helmuth though.

(That still doesn't mean he isn't a crybaby. :) )
Personaly, i dont like rebuys or addons because it will not show how good a poker player are, about online poker, i think that very often came out unbeliavable flops,turns, and river cards who improve or destroy right away your game, sometimes doesnt feel like its real but this is just my opinion.:easter3:
Personaly, i dont like rebuys or addons because it will not show how good a poker player are, about online poker, i think that very often came out unbeliavable flops,turns, and river cards who improve or destroy right away your game, sometimes doesnt feel like its real but this is just my opinion.:easter3:

I agree with you, I'm glad that they got rid of rebuys in the WSOP for this year because it didn't show who is skillfull enough to win a bracelet is showed who can afford to buy a WSOP bracelet. In addition, rebuys and addons are something that new or unexperience players should steer well clear of because if you enter a freezeout MTT like the Midnight Oil tounament at Bwin which is a $20+$2 buy-in you know that all you could potentially lose is $22- your buy-in- which means you can make sure you can afford to enter. However, you never know how much you may lose in a rebuy tounament in the way that if you rebuy four times in a $50+$0.50 tournament you are already equal to the buy-in for the midnight oil.

Some people may say "Oh well, just enter these tounaments with the intention of rebuying 2 or 3 times and if you bust out you can leave". That's all nice and great but if someone sucks out on you and you take an incredibly bad beat your whole psychology changes and you may be steaming and rebuy for another 3 times and lose all those chips from tilt and it's a vicious circle that can be potentially very damaging to your bankroll, especially if your just starting out.
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