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May 3, 2008
Skill Gaming

by Marina - BonusParadise.com

Skill gaming can mean a number of different things to a number of different people, but for most people it is basically what happens when people bet on games that are primarily skill games in the short run and then proceed to play those games. The person that wins the game ultimately takes home the money and because the games have skill involved in them, it is actually not really considered gambling by most of the people that would have games like online poker and casino banned.

Skill Game Advantages

The main advantage of the skill game is that it does not have the same stigma attached to it as games like poker, roulette, craps and bingo. While those games are almost universally considered gambling (even though in the case of poker this is something that is a little bit unfair), wagering on a game of chess is usually not, provided that you are wagering on yourself to beat your opponent. Chess, checkers and other types of skill games are often played through wagers in the online realm and if you’re looking to make some money through utilization of your great ability at one of these games, then you’re definitely in luck in the modern world.

Another advantage of skill games is that if you play them online, you can always usually find someone to play with. Most skill games require multiple people, which is why those same skill games can be frustrating in the offline realm if you have nobody that you can play against. Skill games, therefore, are games that really lend themselves to the online realm where you can play against thousands of different people.

Safety and Security

Skill games in most cases are operated by companies that have significant experience in the field of online gambling. Online gambling transactions tend to be higher security risks because of their very nature and they tend to be looked after a lot closer by the people that make them. Because of this, the average skill game website creator already has a vast amount of experience in keeping online transactions safe. They have experience with a level of safety well in excess of what would be required for a skill games website and that should definitely make you feel a bit better.

In terms of security of the server, this is something that also works along the same line of logic as financial safety. The servers are less prone to penetration than online gambling ventures, which is why people that already have that experience already have more knowledge than they need in order to make sure that the games are safe. If you go with a big and well known skill game website, you’ll get safe games that are secure, easy to play and a lot of fun.

Things to Watch For

One thing that you need to understand about online skill games right away is that they are faster than their offline counterparts. Where games might take hours in the offline realm, there is just something about the online realm that lends itself to speeding up the game in the minds of the players. While you can slow things down in turn-based skill games, in real time ones you are going to have to be ready for the increased speed in order to make sure that you don’t lose your wager right away.

Finally, skill games online get the adrenaline rushing like nothing else can. When you play an online skill game in real time and you learn to cope with how fast it goes, you might find yourself far more alert after the game is over.
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That was a helpful article- thanks for the input! I am nowhere close to being involved in any of the skill games but certainly admire those who are and who do it well.
Sound nice. But I wouldn't be playing a game of checkers online though. People who play these games probably are very tough and what's the percentage of "rake" that goes to the site in these cases?
Poker is now consider as a skill game. Texas’ legislators apparently have a problem with the meaning of “gambling”. One can play the horses, bingo, the lottery, etc…..but not cards. As a Texas resident for over 30 years, and a PPA member, this philosophy has always puzzled me. Poker is definately a game of skill as it is NOT in just the hand if the player chooses to play it.

However, it is how well the player manipulates his opponent/s to win a pot. In the betting, reading the other players,…..how the player presents himself in his decision making.

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