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May 3, 2008
If you are new to the pastime of gambling, you are probably familiar with the game of Craps. Craps is a gambling game that involves two dice. Winning is based off of whether or not you wager
on a winning roll of the dice. Doesn’t sound too complicated, right? Wrong. If you know anything about gambling, you are probably well aware that Craps is one of the most intimidating games for
people who are new to the gambling scene. However, it is also one of the most enticing. Online game forums continue to experience some of the heaviest traffic flow in the Craps forum.
In a traditional “brick and mortar” casino, you don’t even need to look around to see where the craps table is located. You can simply follow your ears: the hooting and hollering of very animated
gameplay will guide you right to the craps table.

What’s With the Name?

Craps is believed to have originated in France and England, although it may have gone by multiple different names there. Forms of the game that are more loosely based on the ones we have today
were probably developed during the Crusade period. The point is, Craps has been around for a long time! The game first made its grand entrance into the United States in the state of New Orleans.
The version was edited a little bit to prevent cheating, but eventually this form of Craps became “the” Craps, which is still played hundreds of times each day present day.So what’s with the name “Craps”?
The name has nothing to do with fecal matter. The word descended from the French word “crapaud”, which is translated into English as toad. The French called the game Toad due to the way street people
played the game. They would often gather around on a street, sidewalk, or other low flat surface and crouch over to roll the dice. The French thought they looked like frogs poised to jump as they crouched
over their dice game.

The Most Popular Betting Game

Craps quickly gained momentum as the most popular betting game in the United States, being played on the street, in homes, and in casinos. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine why it spread so
quickly. Craps is a gambling game with one of the simplest setups possible; all you need are two dice and a stop of some kind. Craps became the street game of choice due to its mobility and the ease with
which the game pieces could be accessed. Craps kept many a soldier entertained during World War II. Since most soldiers didn’t have a backboard of any kind, they used their army blankets and invented
what is known as the army blanket roll, a rolling technique that wouldn’t exist without Craps.


Craps is the most fast-paced casino table game out there (another reason for its strapping popularity among gaming circles). If you stand at an average Craps table, you may see up to 100 different
game decisions made on an hourly basis. In comparison to other “fast” games, this is a considerably large sum. Other fast-paced games only run about 50 to 60 hand changes per hour.

Craps players often have a lot going on at one time. They usually keep two or more bets up in the air simultaneously, which means they have a greater chance of getting a big winnings pool.
You’ll also see the most variety at a Craps table because you can make many different kinds of wagers and bets. Like we said, all of the action taking place during a Craps game can be somewhat
overwhelming to a “newbie”. However, you should keep in mind that a game of Craps was not invented to scare you off, it was invented to help you have a good time. Also, just for the record,
it is a great deal easier than it looks once you get the hang of it.


There are a number of different terms used in Craps that may stress out a beginner. However, if you give it a little time and a bit of practice you will find that the terminology has more
bark than bite. The words and definitions are actually quite simple and easy to learn if you just take the time to look over them and familiarize yourself with the concepts behind them.
Here are a few of the most common terms and their definitions.

Take a look at this Craps lingo:
  • Yo. If a person says “yo” they are referring to a number with the value of eleven. This is sometimes also referred to as “yo-leven”.
  • C and E Craps. This is another way of saying that you have an eleven.
  • Snake eyes. If you have a few ones in your hand, you have snake eyes.
  • Puppy Paws. This cute term describes two fives. We’re not sure why they are called puppy paws, but we like it. The less-cute term for a pair of fives is a “hard ten”.
  • Center field. This is the term used to describe the number nine. We do, in fact, know why this term is used to describe a number value of nine: nine is in the exact center of a seven number field bet.
  • Skinny Dugan. You don’t want one of these. A Skinny Dugan is a seven, which is a losing roll.
  • Skate and donate. This term rhymes with what it means: the number eight.
  • Jimmy Hicks. Perhaps a poet made up these terms. Here we have yet another rhyming term. It refers to (you guessed it) the number six.
  • Boxcars. When you have two sixes in hand, you have boxcars. We have no explanation for this seemingly random name for a pair of sixes.
  • Natural winner. This is the one you want! If you roll a seven or eleven in the first set of rolls, you get a win. Good on ya, mate.

There is a lot to learn about Craps, which is surprising since it is such a simple game. However, learning the rules and terminology is well worth your time and energy. The effort will reward you with the
ability to join in on one of the most entertaining betting games out there. Take a moment to refresh yourself on the game of Craps and then go join a buddy or two for a fun-filled evening of Craps.

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