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Jun 3, 2008
Eric: Welcome to Live Chat. How may I help you?
ruth Plant: Hi..just reading your newsletter...is that a offer of a free $5 chip at the end?
Eric: May I ask for which casino this is?
ruth Plant: absolute casino
Eric: May I have your Login name and email address please?
ruth Plant: xxxxxxxxxxx
ruth Plant: xxxxxxx
Eric: One moment please.
Eric: Thank you for holding.
Eric: There is indeed one for your account as stated in the newsletter:
Eric: Sneaky $5 Freebie
Eric: Every once in a while the manager goes for a long weekend, so we can sneak in a quick freebie for our players - a mere $5 this time, so spin carefully my friends!
Eric: it's there already to claim in your account.
ruth Plant: ok..thanks a lot

Absolute Slots Casino

:sad: oh boy...hope this one doesn't get in the heck:confused:
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Thanks Ruth. I just read it in the
newsletter too........​
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think we gotta give you a title Ruth.

you're cracking me up. I love it​
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Got it tooo!! Got up to about $45.00 then went to Gopher Gold and lost it all. Been trying to get those free spins forever but they just won't come for me..............:sad:
woow I got it to!!!!
I checked my account and it was there...
I never recieve freebees!!!
Thanks Ruth!
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