After math of halloween candies...beware

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Bad Boy

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Jun 1, 2008
Beware is right, this is a warning to all mothers, fathers, grandpas and grandmas.
First off, I am a sucker, for candy, and my dear sweet grand daughters, know it. They love to share their sweets, at anytime, and halloween candy is no exception. So, that said, my little darlings, have gathered around me, as I am playing poker, online, as they normally do. Well, here they are, putting these nice sweet chocolates, in front of me, and well of coarse, I am enjoying it, the sweets, for sure. I finally open this one piece of hard candy, and low and behold, it is a sour ball. No problem, had them before, and just munched away, on it. Wrong thinking, yes it is a sour ball, but OMG, this sucker was more than sour. I was so puckered up, took 5 glasses of tea, and 3 brushing of my teeth, before I kind of got back to normal. Okay, they got me, and yes they were snickering. So back to more sweets. Oh yes, my kind of grand children and the chocolates started flowing again. Oh boy, one of them shows me a grape flavor, hard candy, and did it smell good, and of coarse, let's us share this with grandpa. Did this taste the greatest, I have ever had, but here we go again, suddenly, I get this wierd feeling in my mouth. OMG, it is fizzing, wait, it is beyond fizzing, I am drooling and slobbering, and out of control. It has made me look like as if I had rabies. Worst part of this, after all the foaming at the mouth, and think, well good, this is over with. NOT, NOT, NOT......I now have this purple color, embedded, in my mouth, on my tongue, on my teeth, my lips, or any where else, that I fizzled. No problem, nobody will see it at the online games, I am playing. Oh and of coarse, my dear sweet grand daughters are snickering, again. BTW, the purple color has disappeared. But by no means, are my dear sweet grand daughters, finished sharing their candy, with me, and agin the chocolate, is sitting in front of me. Yes it is, and this one piece has come in front of me. Not a very big piece, maybe an inch square and as thick as a stick of gum, but it smells real good, and the taste is the best. So to enjoy, I am chewing it like gum and it is acting like gum, but the flavor is still there. My God, I am in chocolate heaven. Wait, something terriblely has went wrong. The flavor is still there, but now I feel like I am chewing on the world's toughest steak and that my tongue has grown 6 sizes bigger, but yet you love the flavor, and you want to continue chewing. Okay, was finally told, quit chewing. It worked, all sensations were gone, almost as fast as you quit chewing. Oh and my dear sweet grand daughters didn't snicker this time, oh no, it now was a gut busting laugh. I have no reason why my dear sweet grand children, would ever pull pranks on their sweet grandpa..LOL Now it is my turn to get even. As for their candy, for some reason, at night, when they are sleeping, those bags of candy, has had candy removed. I have yet to catch, who may be doing it.
So to all that have these sweet children, of their own, a warning, BEWARE as to what they offer, if you love sweets.
I have been thinking, as of lately, was that really chocolate they gave me, or was it EXLAX. Surely not...they wouldn't, or would they??????? Maybe I better have the wife pick up a few extra rolls, just because.

may I give you a nickname bad boy???

that was just great reading​
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Funny story Bad Boy, I really enjoyed to read it. Thanks for sharing and making me LMAAAAOOO!
Glad evryone has enjoyed this. Seems my family members, still are getting some good laughs also. So, much so, they love telling people I know, and have them to call me, and make their offerings....Strange, I am suppose to be the tough guy, around here, and to represent the person that is not suppose to be messed with. Leave it to my grand children to mess up my image.
I have 12 grand children. The real pranksters are from the litter of my youngest daughter. They are all girls, 5 of them, ranging from 14 to 7 years of age, which the youngest 2 are twins. God only knows, what it would be like if they were boys, or if there was a boy or two, in this litter. Some of the things they do, you would swear, not even a boy would do.
I have yet to figure out, who taught them to be pranksters.....RIGHT, I

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