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    When most beginners first start out gambling, a large percentage of them experience a great deal of frustration and discouragement simply because they are uninformed about the concept of odds.
    Different casino games have different odds; therefore, a person playing a game with “good” odds is more likely to win victories than a person playing a game with odds that are a little more difficult.
    While both kinds of games are more than a little bit fun, it is very important for beginning gamblers to pursue games with higher chances of winning to ensure that discouragement does not stunt
    your initial enthusiasm for the activity of gambling.

    Odds are a little tricky to understand for those of us who are not math inclined. In short, odds are a type of ratio that indicate one’s chances of winning or losing in the form of a predicted probability.
    Many people refer to odds as either “high odds” or “low odds,” but this can become confusing because the terms may be interpreted in different ways. A better way to refer to the odds of a particular
    game would include more absolute phrases: this game has a high probability of fill-in-the-blank. Or to make it even simpler, just state that the game has good odds or bad odds. Gambling people will get
    your drift. An example of “bad” odds would be a typical high-stakes lottery, in which only one person out of about 14 million end up with money coming out of his or her ears. Remember, bad odds do not
    prevent seasoned gamblers from having a good time; it can just be a little discouraging for beginners to only ever experience a losing streak.

    If you are a beginning gambler and feel a little bit lost as to where to start when you hit the casino floor or the online gambling scene, you may want to review the information below.
    We have provided you with a list of the best games to learn and begin playing as a beginning gambler and included information concerning the backbone of gambling: odds.


    Chances are, you could be the next “wizard of odds” (pun intended) at the Blackjack table. This card game is one of the easiest games to play both in casinos and in online gambling forums.
    Even if you do not know much about the game, most dealers are more than happy to give you a quick run-down of the game rules. Blackjack boasts the highest percentage of wins for novices.
    What are you waiting for? Wins and, most importantly, fun are right around the corner.
    Read also our BlackJack Tips


    Craps is a little more complex than Blackjack, but it remains as the most popular street game for a reason. With odds settling at just about 50-50, it would be hard to resist learning and playing this
    popular and fun-filled casino game. Even though a visit to the Craps table can be an intimidating experience for beginners who play Craps for the first time, learning the rules is well worth the effort.
    Once you learn the basics, you will be surprised at how simple and fluid the gameplay is. The idea of the game is simple enough: you are simply betting on which way the dice will roll.
    Anyone can do that, and we have confidence that you can do it too.
    More about Craps: About The Game of Craps


    Roulette simply involves a spinning wheel with slots. All you have to do is bet on your favorite numbers. What could be easier than that? If you play the game on the safe side and only bet on reds and blacks,
    you have a 50-50 chance of coming away with more money than you had when you walked in. This game is perfect for beginners because it lacks the intimidation of other rule-heavy games. Besides, watching
    a wheel spin around in circles is surprisingly entertaining, win or no win.
    More interesting information on playing Roulette: How to Win Roulette: A Beginner’s Guide

    There are many, many fun casino games that do not have odds as favorable as the games listed above. However, once you get a little experience under your belt with some of the games above, we encourage
    you to try out some of the games with less favorable odds. Why? Because those games are really fun too, and gambling is not all about winning and losing. Real gamblers know that gambling is supposed to be
    fun, not stressful. So enjoy the odds and all the risks that come with them, and do your best not to be a sore loser. Losing, believe it or not, is all part of the fun. If you never lost at gambling, you would hardly
    have fun betting. You would always know how it would turn out! The fun part is waiting with anticipation for the surprise hiding behind the next unflipped card or unstopped wheel.

    Visit your local casino or a reputable online gambling forum to learn more about how to play the games listed above and pick up more tips that are useful for both beginning and seasoned gamblers alike.
    By playing, watching, and learning you will soon be as comfortable as can be in your gambling community.
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  2. Ellis

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    What a great article Marina. I always like to play slots but now I would like to give the above games a try
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    Great article! I too believe the excitement of gambling is the anticipation of whether I am going to win or not.
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  4. Mike

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    Nice to read this article. I do like to play Blackjack sometimes and Roulette. Craps is not really my thing but you can win nice on this table game.
  5. Seaman63

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    Roulette was my first game ever played. I switched later to Slots because they are more entertaining. But I still want to have Sex on a roulette table...:D:D:D
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    @Seaman63, you are sooooooooooo naughty! LOL
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