almost downloaded casino virus



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Nov 30, 2008
I'm not sure where I am suppose to post this but i wanted everyone to know that i tried to download Cinema Casino and it wouldnt let me i got a virus warning i copied the warning page and here it is

High security alert!!!

You are not permitted to download the file "Cinema.exe" because it is infected with the virus "Misc/CasOnline".
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May 3, 2008
oh man, thanks for letting us know
well we did hear already that for some casinos come a warning up for a trojan
this was then ok, due casinos setting cookies on your pc
some antivirus software gave an alert,

I will contact them and let them know about this virus warning you got
many thanks again for posting :snowman:
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May 27, 2008
This is not a virus or a Trojan. Most of the times It is detected as a "potentially unwanted program".

But some scanners see it as a virus.

PUPs "potentially unwanted program". are often made by a legitimate corporate entity for some beneficial purpose, but they alter the security state of the
computer on which they are installed, or the privacy posture of the user of the system, such that most users will want to be aware of them.

I run NOD32 visusscanner, and never had a virus! And my computer runs like a turbo! Its the best scanner!

Im not saying you have a bad scanner.. But I tested out a lot.
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May 5, 2008
Thanks for posting scs. It's a harmless download.

But Marina will reiterate it to the Casino that it is
causing a concern amongst players. Hopefully someday
they will be able to fix it.

also, welcome to Bonus Paradise on your
first post

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Jun 1, 2008
I myself run more than one type of scan on my PC. Never at the same time, as they seem to get in a fight with each other, but if I have doubts to what on may be saying, I try another, and maybe, one or two more.
scswa316, no matter what poker site or casino site, program you download, they may have something that shows danger. Mainly what it is, is they way they set-up their tracking system, that may set the alarms off. The better known sites have these, so call virus, but they have been in contact with most virus software makers and those software makers try to keep their scanners up to date, but once in awhile, someone lags behind.
Just something to think about, I run window vista, and a few months ago, I had an update, and sure enough my scanner, would not let it happen, an I had to manually allow it, and actually the system I would run, captured part of the file and put it in quarantine, which caused some problems until I found what had happen. I contacted all that mattered, and now no problem.
Just got to remember Marina and Bonus Paradise, well only work with established casino and poker sites, and Bonus Paradise will not let any site hurt her members.
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May 3, 2008
I asked scswa316 via PM what antivirus they using
and scswa said its AVG.
I told this to my contact from Vegas Partner and they gave the following advice:

AVG Pro has a feature called "Resident Shield" which would prevent any suspious
applications from running or installing. Please ask the player to go into AVG's
control panel and disable the Resident Shield and then install the software again.
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Feb 7, 2009
well, any antivirus will do as long as it is licensed and premium..well, one antivirus that i could advice is Norton Antivirus 2009. Advanced antivirus software with spyware protection.

* Stops viruses, spyware, and more
* Up-to-the-minute protection
* Rapid pulse updates every 5 to 15 minutes
* Faster, fewer, shorter scans
You can also have Norton 360 v2.0. Comprehensive, automated antivirus and antispyware protection.

* Stops viruses, spyware and more
* Online identity protection
* Automated backup and restore
* PC tune-up and maintenance

i hope this information helps.. :socool:
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