always late?...It's Your Day

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OMG, Didn't Know That This Day Was Out There. As Many Times I've Been Late, You Would Think I Would Have Founded This Say!:D

Anyone Who Was Late For Their Wedding, Should Know About This Day!:D

:thank you:
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I always been the one who was to early , no matter where, no matter for what
And then ... I had to wait, and only god and I know how much I hate waiting.
Now i stay here and wait for the day for people like me
the "Sorry, cant wait Day" or "Early me again" or " I dont have patience and am proud!".....
lmao :D

any more ideas for a day for people like me?
please post em, lol

Thank you Vicky
nice how you find all the special days ;)
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I love it Vicky.........

but ya know what? I think we need to
invent a Marina day

oh boy, we got some good things to
think on​
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sorry for all of you who perpetually run late but that drives me insane! I am always so punctual- it is a respect thing you knwo? I feel like people who are late all of the time are passive aggressive and secretly feel that their time is more valuable than mine.
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I Tell You, It Sometimes Seems The Harder I Try To Be On Time, The More Things Hold Me Up. Its Very Strange Sometimes. Sometimes I Could Get Up Early, Leave To Go To Work Or Something, And Get To The Car To Find Out I Severely Need Air In One Tire, Or I Get Behind That Slow Person The Backroad Around My House With No Passing Lanes Just Enough Time To Slow Me Down, To catch All Of The Morning School Buses.

I've Been Doing Alot Better With Being On Time For The Most Part, But Once I Get Into The Habit Of Being Late Once Or Twice In A Row, Its Very Hard To Break That Chain Because Of Events Described Above. I Know This Will Not Make Sense To those Who Are Always On Time, But Other Late Goers Will Understand What I'm Saying. It Really Isn't Always Our Fault We Are Late! :D
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