Amazing Promos at NatsyDuck Poker - daily freerolls and more!

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May 3, 2008

NastyDuck Poker is already famous amongst European Poker Players.
You should check out their Promotions, really great.

- Sick Hands Freeroll
Players who get a bad beat get entry into a Sick hands 100€ Freeroll.

- The first 10 NastyDuck players who earn 5000 VIP
will receive a sponsorship at Nastyduck.

- Happy Hour at 8 PM Every Night;
Players can win NastyDuck TShirts, 50€, 100€ and 200€ buy-in tickets to the 100000€ Guaranteed Tournament, 100€ Freerolls, and more!

- Video 100€ Freeroll at the new NastyDuck forums,
as well as our Country vs Country Tournaments[/url]

- Up to 60% rakeback.

- 110% deposit bonus.

- Daily Freerolls

- Any player who gets Poker with 4 deuces at any cash table will win an Ipod Nanu

Visit NastyDuck Poker for more information!​

Plese note:
NastyDuck does not accept players from the USA
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