An Introduction to the Up-and-Coming Developer Karma Gaming

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    Karma Gaming recently turned heads when they recently penned a deal with OpenBet to carry their lineup. Considering they’ve already begun working with Scientific Games, GTECH, and Odobo,
    some other huge names in the industry, there’s clearly something to the company. Here’s a little bit about Karma Gaming, where they came from, what they do, and where they’re headed.

    History of Karma Gaming

    Although the company didn’t exist until 2012, and didn’t release any games until 2013, Karma Gaming’s founding team has more than 30 years of experience in the gaming industry. Paul LeBlanc,
    Chief Executive Officer, and one of the company’s co-founders, is also the founder of Extreme Group, another Halifax, Nova Scotia company. Although the companies have no professional association,
    Extreme Group is a public relations firm that Mr. LeBlanc grew from nothing, toiling away in the back room of his father’s carpet cleaning business. He launched it in 1997 and in just a few years, it became
    one of the top agencies in the area, catering to massive clients such as Proctor & Gamble. Both he and his initial company have received numerous awards, and his work with Extreme Group is ongoing.


    His love of video games, and gaming in general, spurred his interest in entering the industry. Because of his exuberance and unique ideas, he was able to secure well over a million dollars from investors
    to help him launch Karma Gaming. With the assistance of of Jay Aird, the company’s Chief Innovation Officer, and Paul Gauthier, a Director and Advisor, Karma Gaming has established itself as a premium
    gaming software crossover company. Although they’re still small, with fewer than 50 employees, they have the team and the backing to become huge fast.

    What Karma Gaming Does

    If you ask the founders, they’ll say that they’re “gamifying lotteries.” Basically, they use aspects from casual games, like the apps that are popular on Facebook, pair them with social gaming elements, and put
    a gambling spin on it. For this reason, their games appeal to a wide range of people, across every walk of life. They have seriously done their homework, studying trends in gaming as well as popular themes,
    and have come up with innovative concepts that are both fun and engaging. They have also taken care to ensure that their games are playable across all platforms, including mobile devices.

    Their Games

    Presently, their games fit into three self-made categories. They have PrizePlay games, which are social in nature and allow players to advance across levels, unlock features, and rise to the top of a leaderboard.


    They also have Instant games, which play out like online scratch cards. As a third option, they have developed what they call Instant+ games. These take the concept of scratch cards a bit farther and include
    mini-games. In November 2014, the company also stated that they’re working on a series of Crossword Hidden Object games. These are a hybrid of the two distinctive types of gaming, complete with multiple
    levels. Haunted Hotel and Secrets of the Pyramids are their first two titles and they’re also the first-ever lottery games of their kind. In these games, players have to uncover the letters in order to solve the
    crossword puzzle. Solving the puzzle means winning cash, and there are also mini-games built into them, which can either award players with bonus cash or provide them with clues needed to solve the main
    storyline. It’s an incredibly complex concept, but it flows together to make a unique game and provides multiple levels of entertainment. Karma Gaming hopes that these new developments will generate interest
    among younger players, such as the 20-something crowd, who aren’t typically into gambling, though have a keen interest in social and casual games.

    Where You Can Find their Games

    Karma Gaming has agreements with GTECH, Scientific Games, and OpenBet now. Because of this, almost any casino can pick up their games and showcase them alongside their traditional selection.
    However, all of these agreements are relatively new, and so their games are still incredibly difficult to find at this point. At least one Canadian gambling website seems to have picked up one of their earliest
    releases, though it’s limited to Canadian players only and is also exclusively in French. Despite this, given the ingenuity and passion that the company founders have instilled in the brand, no doubt many
    casinos will have their games available soon, and in English, too. Moreover, Karma Gaming is working extremely hard to get more titles added to their lineup, and they’re hiring all kinds of new talent for
    their new Moncton studio. Without a doubt, 2015 will be a groundbreaking year for the company and those who venture into online casinos are sure to be introduced to a whole new kind of gaming.
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    I am looking forward to play these kind of new games!
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    Yeah, they sound really interesting.
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