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Jun 1, 2008
This game at Doyles did not play, on Sept. 27, as it was suppose to. I know, as I was registered for it. At the time it was suppose to play, there was around 600 registered to play. Before the game, I was emailed, that the game wasn't to play, as there were suppose to be many that could not log in, to the game. Right...What it meant was, not enough registered, so the game won't play until enough were. Support advised, that the game would play Oct. 4, which it did.
First off, I gained entry to this game, by a freeroll, qualifier game, which I took first place and also paid me $57.00. Then as time went, I thought I may not beable to play it, as work was gone to keep me from doing so. I tried to get Doyles Room to remove me, and to use my, entry, into something else, but they said no, and there was no way to get out, as you are automatically registered. Even tried to find some one to play for me and do a split, but no one to be found. So, Oct. 4, came, played in this game, and won, $375.00, I was somewhere around 101 position. This game had alot of donks and even in this far into the money, they were still donking. I got to see one pro, at a table that I was just moved too, get donked, Pro had AA pockets, he hit the trip and, some clown with rags, took him out. Well guess what, I had the same hand, later in the game, at the same table, and the same sorry player, took me out, with his rags, grinding to the river. Yes I hit trips on the flop. This clown should have never been in this hand, to begin with, as I did bet to represent the strong hand and he was out of position, and again with rags. Even though I was out, I stuck around and watched this table and there was some rude comments to this clown, and the players there finally took most of his chips, and were still, making comments to him, and it was not nice, the chat moderator, never came in, but they did when I made my LOL to him, and threaten to remove my chat, which I advised them, you have not that power, that only support can do that, and as I told mod, there was no cursing, so becareful what you threaten a person with. I did post the chat with support and was told no problem. Posted this, to let all members know, Doyles has chat mods watching all games, even the 10 cent games, and they do have support to look at the chat, and have seen some get chat removed, so if you have a chat mod come in and make a threat, make sure you take a screen shot of the chat, so you have something to fight with, as these mods do over step their boundries, and get away with it.

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