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May 5, 2008
I'm tired of getting this spam.
The new one today was that yahoo opened their
own online casino. Who's ready to do something
about this? I think it's time that we emailed yahoo
and tell them to stop allowing this.

anyone in?​
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I agree with you there Kotsy.But spam is just a giant pain in the ass.I know the site i moderated there was the odd one that got threw.As for yahoo they most likey wouldnt give two cents about it anyway
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i get this too daily
i think i will bust this 1​
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Me to Kots,i get total crazy of the emails!
For the once that hace yahoo mail.....

How do I report spam?

Easy! Don’t open a spam message. Just click inside the check-box next to it, then click Spam to let us know it’s something you’d rather not ever see again. We pay a lot of attention to spam you report to us. It gives us tools to disrupt the latest tricks and techniques that spammer individuals and spammer companies are using to try to evade our filters.

Reports of spam originating from a Yahoo! Mail account (i.e.,[email protected]) receive our special attention. Since spamming is expressly prohibited in Yahoo!’s Terms of Use, any account caught spamming will be cancelled.
If you change your mind or think you made a mistake, just look for the next message from that sender in your Bulk folder and click Not Spam to reverse your vote.
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Yes, i am sick of those spam. I read message by message but finally i don't gain anything from it. So, i started to ignore those bulk messages and delete them from by inbox itself. Have to find some way to avoid it.:sad:

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