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Discussion in 'Lets Talk about gambling and more...' started by ADHD013, Aug 26, 2016.

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  1. ADHD013

    ADHD013 Active Member

    I wasn't able to find my previous post so i go ahead and post it here.
    Today i had a nother great experience with the customer service of Rizk Casino .
    I was just going to deposit 10 euro as i am at level 47 now and i learned through Mike from level 50 you get freebie superspins instead of normal ones.
    at the deposit screen there was a box for a bonus 15 freespins up to 20 euro deposit.
    I didn't get them , so i contacted support , they came back to me that there was no proof in their data that i was eligle for the bonus .
    I was browsing my mail box meanwhile and found the corresponding mail ; i misread it was up from 20 euro deposit.
    I replied in chat that's was alright i can live without the 15 freespins after finding out. They told me to wait and i see my reward section pop up to 1 ; i got them they told me .
    I open my rewards and they added 25 freespins instead of 15!
    For me it is clear that customers intrests gets the highest priority at and i highly recommend this casino.
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  2. SuperNova

    SuperNova Well-Known Member

    Good to read those great news about the Support from Rizk Casino.
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  3. VaennyTi

    VaennyTi Guest

    I have to agree! I am really impressed from the support of rizk casino. They always do their very best to help! This is really perfect! :)

    Thx for posting! :)
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  4. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for posting your experience with Rizk Casino @ADHD013
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