any successful gardeners?

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Jul 17, 2008
I look forward to having a plentiful garden each year but due to drought in the area and water restrictions let's just say the veggies have not multiplied this year. Any of you enjoy gardening or had a good take this year? I have had a few tomatoes which was nice when you could not find them anywhere but that is about the extent of it.
Well, We Have A Bunch Of Tomatoes On Our Vines, We Only Had Like 2 Tomato Plants But I Bet We Have 25 Tomatoes On them. We Also Grew A Few Watermelons, But I Think Someone Stole The 1st 2 That Got A Decent Size, roflmao

Actually Not Too Funny, Was Pretty Mad About It, lol. We Also Grew A Few Green Peppers Because We Got Tired Of Paying $1.99 Each For Them Around Here.{ridiculous}.

Maybe You Have A Few Late Bloomers That Will Sprout? hehe

If Not, Good Luck Next Year!​
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i stuck to flowers this year, have sunflowers and peonies and dahlias and gladiolas oh and nasturiums... normally i grow an assortment of veggies... but im LAZY this year...
And the lack of rain is killing my plants in my neck of the woods! I usually have a pretty good bounty but this year has been sad. Plus we have water restrictions so I cannot even go out and do a good job of watering myself- just keeping the fingers crossed and saying little prayers for a little rain!
I was reading through and I can't help but wonder if any of oour new members have a green thumb? I am going to be playing around with my yard for the first time this summer. I just moved into somewhere where I have my own yard. Man I cannot wait :D I want lots of pretty smelly flowers to look at while I sit and enjoy this forum. Can any one suggest some really pretty flowers for my garden?
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first deemac80, decide if you want the ones that come back on their on year after year or the ones you plant every year. I do a mix of both so the garden is pretty.

Love having rosebushes and wild daisy's. the daisy's go all summer. maybe for you in your area look into black eyed susans. very pretty. I also love to plant pansy's and have my all time favorite bleeding heart.

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