Aussie Player Transforms $20 into 30K at Rizk Casino



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May 3, 2008
Aussie Player Won $30 000 from just $20

An Aussie player just had $20 in his account and walked away with $30 000 without ever making a deposit at Rizk Casino.
He has now become a legend at Rizk.

We all want to be that lucky one who can bet as little as possible and make some good money from that small bet. This week at Rizk, this is precisely what happened when a player
from Australia saw that he had just $20 in his account and was able to transform this into $30 000. He never made a deposit at the casino in the whole time he had his account.

Here is the Story

The Aussie player opened their account at Rizk Casino in March 2016.
Once his account was opened, he was able to take advantage of the free spin on the Wheel of Rizk, where he won free spins.

He then used those free spins and managed to win himself $20, which is pretty sweet, especially, as he still had not made a deposit at that point.
It seems like the player had forgotten all about that money he had in his account until nearly a whole year later.
He discovered, when logging into his Rizk account, that he still had $20 in there.

This is where things start to get interesting and remember that the player still hasn’t made a deposit.

The player used the $20 on NetEnt’s Aloha: Cluster Pays, which was definitely a wise choice as just over a few hours he managed to transform that $20 into a massive $23 000.

The Rizk Casino player then decided to stop playing Aloha and moved over to NetEnt’s Starburst slot game, which is a well-known game among slot players.

This player, now playing Starburst was able to get over $30 000 in his account and became a legend at Rizk Casino.

This was all done without making a single deposit at the casino.
Once he had his $30 000, the player decided not to push his luck any further and made the wise decision to cash out his winnings.
This was not a bad sum at all to come away with and all because of one spin on the Wheel of Rizk.

The Australian player will be going down in Rizk Casino history for his amazing play and winnings.
The player had just $20 of free money and was able to transform this into a massive $30 000.

So, you may think that if this player is able to do it then so can you and you are able to.
You should keep an eye on those Rizk Rewards and your Rizk Account because you might not know what you have.

You could easily be the next player at Rizk Casino to make history and possibly win thousands without making a deposit.
It is definitely possible just like this Australian player showed.

Also, if you are ahead, like this player, pull your winnings out and take it.
Luck can change at any moment and you wouldn’t want to lose that amount of money.
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