Australia Crack Down on Online Gambling

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    The Australian government has decided that it is high time to crack down on the internet gambling industry.
    At the forefront of Australia's latest efforts to modernize their online gaming laws will be the off-shore, illegal gambling sites.

    Scott Morrison was previously the Minister for Social Services, had instituted a full review into the Australian online gaming industry. Mr Morrison became Treasurer on Tuesday,
    following a leadership challenge that saw Malcolm Turnbull as Australia's new prime minister. But the review will still go on, with the Liberal government still in power.
    It was the hope of the previous Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, to have the review completed by the end of 2015. It looks like that is still the aim.

    Fourteen years ago, Australia passed its current online gaming legislation, known as the Interactive Gambling Act. But the Act is seen as outdated, especially in relation to overseas online gaming providers.
    The Act makes it illegal to provide online gaming sites from Australia, but not overseas. Now the government has recognized that many overseas online gaming sites are getting away with providing their
    services to the Australian public, without paying taxes on their earnings.


    Morrison is concerned with not only this aspect of the offshore sites. He has told the press that his concerns are also for the safety and security of the Australian players. Morrison stated that overseas
    providers do not fall under Australian legal requirements and regulations, and are not expected to monitor or report suspicious gambling. Another issue is that offshore sites illegally used by Australians
    do not give those players protection for payouts on their winnings.

    Another issue that the Social Services Ministry will be reviewing is that of in-play wagering and advertising on online sports betting sites. In-play wagering is only allowed over the phone,
    but some online gaming sites have worked around this issue by allowing players to place a call to the website as they make their bet.

    It seems though, that this review will be more encompassing than these two particular issues. With an old and out dated system of handling issues to do with online gambling, Australia has a hard
    time making sure that they are able to have a hand on all the issues involved with the ever-growing online gaming industry. In a country where 70-80% of adults are involved in some kind of gambling,
    it is essential that the laws of the land reflect the current technological and industrial advances taking place.
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