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Jun 9, 2008
Don't play at ladydream or gold betting. If u win and cashout they send it to there processor direct net pay and u must go through them to get your money.
Well i did win and did cashout went through dnp and have been waiting for over 8 months to get paid over 1500.00.
They approved the checks back in oct of last year havent seen a dime yet.
omg this is bad
thanks for letting us know foxykitten
and be more careful please at which casino you play
all the best to you dear ;)
thanks anything u guys can do about this maybe u can contact ladydream they might give it some thought about contacting dnp thanks again
We do not have any contact to them dear
but I can try to ask there whats up,
maybe it scares them a bit then, lol
I would need your username at the casino for that dear,
and I really cant promise you anything but why not give it a try.
Foxykitten, i feel so sorry for you girl!!
Sure not good news
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Dear Marina, Thanks so much my username is my other email adresses and password is xxxxxx

Please contact them, thanks again
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ok dear, I give it a try but I also have to let you know that I did talk with Mike about you and that Casino.
Mike then said to me; Oh my Ladydream, I did sent them longer ago a few e-mails regarding maybe to promote them and they did not even bother to reply.

So he said , well such a casino we cant promote anyways, and short time later we heard already only bad things about them.
But I will send out an e-mail and maybe so of my friends know more about them.
Thank you, I guess it wont hurt to try i having been playing there for a long time without any problems till now goldbetting is another one they belong to cashwave international
yes, you definitely have to be careful with which casino you play with and trust.

i have been around this forum for a while, and many other forums, and Bonus Paradise tries to do its best about being informed with who they are promoting, and to know which casinos have a good reputation, and which ones don't.

I only deposit at the most trusted and reputable casinos because i'd hate to think if over 2 or 3 months time, i spent $500, and then after losing $500, and i made my next deposit and won $1000, and i didn't get paid, then that means i wasted the first $500 without even a chance of getting paid.

{not worded the best, but i'm sure you know what i mean, rof}

anyways dear, hope something happens for the best for you and this situation. If I know Marina, she'll do what she can with them, but don't get hopes too high.

Good Luck Dear!
sorry to hear about your troubles foxykitten. Let's hope for the best.

Please never post your password. I've edited out.
What an idiot i was. So sorry must have been sleeping kotsy. And i did get paid one check for 450.00 but after six months they still owe me about 1000.00 so i am hopeing more r to 2 come .
Ty, dmoney for the kind words. I did receive one check for 450.00 but they still owe me about 1000.00.
I have been playing there for a long time with no problems till now and they do give out monthly deposit bonuses for free I guess.
But just pass it along that they don't pay very well maybe the more people we get not to play there they will change. Ty again u guys r so nice
Marina u r so nice i like having friends like u and ellis and kotsy and vicky and mike. Of course i love replying to the posts. I have made it makes my day . I forgot about dmoney so sorry u to.
Foxy you are so sweet!
And we are very proud to have you here....
You are awesome.

And i really hope you get your cash... All of it!
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ya, I forget about him too!!......oh wait, he's still sleeping in my corner....rof

I love your posts foxykitten........they really put a smile on my face
Oh! very sorry to hear you in this condition.Don't worry, you will get back your money and the pending one too. Thanks for telling us here so that we all shall avoid such place to go and play.
Be cool dude, you will get your money soon. :kiss: :cool:

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