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Jul 17, 2008
Are there any sites out there that you guys have experienced which you think offer comps which are just head and shoulders above the rest? What types of comps are we talking?
I think this all depends on how much you play at one casino.You know the saying the more you spend the more they well comp you.The sharegroup has been good to me when it comes to comps,free spins or 10-50 bucks.
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I would also like to hear about any crazy comps you may have gotten at a real casino. You see people on TV and movies all the time getting free drinks, rooms etc but that has never happened to me. I want stories if that has happened to you or someone you know.
In June my Hubby took me to a Casino/Resort and all we spent was $100. each I actually won so we came home with our money and theirs LOL Anyway...Last Thursday they sent to us a FREE Room for 2 nights Free tickets to 3 shows and also a garenteed $18 to $888. Now that's COMPS:kiss:

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