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Discussion in 'Online Casino Promotions' started by Marina, Mar 2, 2014.

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  1. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    BETAT Casino has prepared some great promotions for their players during March 2014!

    Here is a short list of what you can expect this month at BetAt:
    • A series of excessively rewarding double and triple deposit offers!
    • Weekend Cashbacks up to 100%
    • Golden Nugget giveaways on all deposits!
    • Exciting quick reward spot promotions
    • Wagering Races with huge prizes
    • Amazing Long term loyalty rewards

    @BetAt will be so kind and keep this thread up to date with the current offers.

    Thank you Jay and BetAt Casino :)

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  2. BetAt

    BetAt Active Member

    Thanks Marina,
    I'll be sure to pop in often and let the Bonus Paradise members know what's on the board and coming their way. ;)
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  3. BetAt

    BetAt Active Member

    200 SHOTS

    It doesn't matter if you win or lose, because your bonus funds will be credited immediately to your account as soon as you hit the 200th spin!

    Taking part is simple:

    Opt in to 200 Shots
    Wager 200 rounds at a minimum spin value of C$1.00
    Receive your bonus once the rounds are complete

    The promotional period for this promotion is from Saturday 1st March up to 23:59:59 of Monday 3rd March 2014.
    see site for full details​
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  4. BetAt

    BetAt Active Member

    Paddy's Crawl

    Join the crawl right away and begin wagering towards the requirement and you’ll receive $100 immediately upon completing it. You have up to the end of the month to complete it so go at your own pace – easy does it!

    Remember, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, because you will receive the bonus simply for wagering!

    Your C$100 in free chips are yours for the taking! Join the crawl today!

    Visit the casino today for full Ts and Cs
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  5. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

  6. BetAt

    BetAt Active Member


    Deposit today and receive a 50% match on your deposit up to a max of $50 in bonus funds!
    see site for Ts and Cs​
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  7. BetAt

    BetAt Active Member

    There’s no remedy like another shot...

    Play this weekend and you will cover your gameplay with a
    50% cashback offer
    meaning your bankroll will be brought back to life if you’re down on your luck!

    The offer is limited to this weekend only so opt in now!​
  8. BetAt

    BetAt Active Member

    We’ve brought back our eWallet25 due to popular request, for a limited time only!

    You can get your first three deposits of the day topped up with an extra 25% in complimentary funds if you use one of the many eWallet payment methods we currently offer to deposit. Simply select the bonus in the depositing window to claim your extra funds.

    This offer is only available throughout Wednesday 12th March, so don’t miss out!
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  9. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Thank you Jay for this great offer!
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  10. BetAt

    BetAt Active Member

    Start warming up for Saint Paddy's with our
    3 day multi wager hopper!

    Opt in right now and wager $500 on three of the four days left until Saint Paddy's and you’ll receive a
    complimentary $25!

    visit BetAt Casino for full details​
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  11. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    Thanks for posting BetAt

    Some really great offers.
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  12. deemac80

    deemac80 Active Member

    Fantastic promotions, good luck everyone. :) Thanks for sharing them BetAt.
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  13. BetAt

    BetAt Active Member

    Looking to try your luck?
    Today we will DOUBLE your first deposit of the day!

    login at the casino now for complete Ts and Cs​
  14. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    Good Luck everyone and thank you BetAt for these awesome promotions!
    Keep them coming.
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  15. BetAt

    BetAt Active Member

    If you deposit today you can also boost your deposit with
    50% extra on top.
    If you prefer to play slots, then simply select the REFILL SLOTS bonus, whilst if you prefer to play table games then select the REFILL TABLES bonus selection.

    You can only select one, so choose wisely!

    Also - watch for your monthly reload if you qualify!​
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  16. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    Nice bonus BetAt Casino.

    Hmm, I'd go for the REFILL SLOT bonus.
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  17. BetAt

    BetAt Active Member

    Wager C$1000 over the weekend and you will automatically receive C$20 in FREE chips instantly the second you complete the requirement!

    Limited time only so opt in to WEEKEND WARRIOR right away to claim yours!
    see site for full Ts and Cs​
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  18. BetAt

    BetAt Active Member

    Extra! Extra!
    It's extra time to grab an amazing promotion because we've extended the 50% deposit match until Monday. It's great being the bearer of good news!​
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  19. BetAt

    BetAt Active Member

    Don't forget to dip into this awesome promotion, available today only -
    a 50% deposit match.
    Login for full Ts and Cs​
  20. BetAt

    BetAt Active Member

    edit - due to some minor site maintenance, the promotion is bumped until tomorrow. Be sure to talk to support before depositing and claiming. Thank you for your understanding.
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