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  1. pausefisk

    pausefisk New Member

    Havent started the riddle myselfe yet, but it coult be sunny shore?
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  2. SuperNova

    SuperNova Well-Known Member

    This could be possible. Thank you.
  3. SuperNova

    SuperNova Well-Known Member

    It is Sunny shores riddle #2. Thank you @pausefisk

    Riddle #3:
    This is Jungle Spirit Call Of The Wild.
  4. SuperNova

    SuperNova Well-Known Member

    Riddle #4:
    Wager 100€ on the slot with this riddle:

    It is "Three blind mice".
  5. SuperNova

    SuperNova Well-Known Member

    Riddle #5:

    Pyramid Quest for Immortality Slot :)
  6. SuperNova

    SuperNova Well-Known Member

    Riddle #6:
    I am thinking about Prissy Princess when I read this ??

    You must wager 250€ on this slot for the next riddle.
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  7. pausefisk

    pausefisk New Member

    @SuperNova i can confirm Prissy Princess is the correct slot.

    When wager is done, you get the BIG SPINS on Theme Park (tickets of fortune)

    I won 130€ on my free-spins :) will come in handy when wagering next riddle.

    #8: "Hieroglyptic on a papyrus scroll, and Rich Wilde in an Egyptian slot. Finding this book is his end goal, for when he dies it will aid his soul."

    I'm 99,9% sure this is "Book of Dead".
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  8. pausefisk

    pausefisk New Member

    "Book of Dead" confirmed. When €450 is wagered, you will get the 30 BIG spins in "Fairytale Legends Hansel & Gretel"

    Good luck to all of you :)
  9. SuperNova

    SuperNova Well-Known Member

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  10. SuperNova

    SuperNova Well-Known Member

    Here are now now all solutions from the Betsafe Casino Riddle:

    1. Wolf Cub
    2. Sunny Shores
    3. Jungle Spirit Call Of The Wild
    4. 3 blind mice
    5. Pyramid Quest for Immortality Slot
    6. Prissy Princess
    7. Theme Park (tickets of fortune)
    8. Book of Dead
    9. Fairytale Legends Hansel & Gretel
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  11. pausefisk

    pausefisk New Member

    Todays riddle at Betsafe Casino (06.12.2018)

    Riddle #1 = open slot and get 30 free spins
    "Glimmering fireflies swarm the valley of this Asian themed slot. These illuminationg moon bugs can be seen dancing across the reels delivering your wild features!"
    SLOT = Lights

    Riddle #2 = play for 100€ to open next riddle
    "On a beautiful land, pretty pixies are seeking; An underground treasure, glistening, sparkling. But the quest is not easy and comes at great peril; For the goblin king's greedy and his minions are feral"
    SLOT = Enhanced Crystals

    Riddle #3 = open slot and get 30 BIG spins (1€)
    "Based on a not-so-true-story, this Slot needs no introduction, "fee-fi-fo-fum, Be he alive or be he dead, he'll grind his bones to make his bread" - charming!"
    SLOT = Jack and the beanstalk

    Riddle #4 = play for 250€ to open next riddle
    "The music's futuristic, the background is blue; And its modern design full of shimmer and light! To guess the game, you only need this clue: It's almost nirvana, but not quite!"

    Riddle #5 = open slot and get 50 BIG spins (1€)
    "A crew og pirates seeking revenge sailing high-seas at Pan's expense, Patchy, Goofy, Speccy and Tom Boy, are all bandits Hook seeks to employ".
    SLOT = Hook's Heroes
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  12. SuperNova

    SuperNova Well-Known Member

  13. pausefisk

    pausefisk New Member

    Betsafe riddle 18-24.01.2018

    Play at any slot for 50€ to get first riddle.

    Riddle #1: Get 20 freespins (0,1€)
    “Two silver screen adventures combined in one; in the first they ascend, in the second they see the sunrise of a new civilisation. What will Earth be known as after this?”
    Slot: Planet of the Apes

    Riddle #2: Wager 50€
    “The thunder buddy. Bringer of the Bong. Raunchy and loudmouthed, he doesn’t know where to draw the line. Who is he?”
    Slot: Ted

    Riddle #3: Get 30 free spins
    “A rocking slot for the Overkill nation! If you like gambling the lead singer agrees with you, saying “the pleasure is to play!”
    Slot: Motorhead

    Riddle #4: Wager £100
    “Raised in the jungle, surrounded by beasts, to survive you must read these books to learn their ways.”
    Slot: Jungle Books

    Riddle #5: Get 40 free spins
    “Spanish explorers looking for gold. An adventurer with plans to find El Dorado on his own. What is the name of this man’s quest?”
    Slot: Gonzo’s Quest

    Riddle #6: Wager €250
    “A special peanut hides in here, prized by magical elephants. It will unlock a whole new world of whimsy, in the pink parallel dimension!”
    Slot: Pink elephants

    Riddle #7: Get 50 BIG spins (1€)
    “Under the sea a precious gemstone hides, guarded a beautiful voice that gently beckons you from beneath the waves. What is it?”
    Slot: Mermaid’s Diamond

    Riddle #8: Wager €450
    “Undead pumpkins burst out of the ground into the sky and make us join the fiesta and forget the siesta.”
    Slot: I havent been able to wager yet, but i'm gussing: Smashing pumpkins

    Riddle #9: Get 75 BIG spins (1€) - I dont know yet, have to wager that riddle 8. If anyone can confirm riddle 8 it would be much appreciated :)
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  14. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you for sharing Pausefisk!
    I cannot help with riddle's this time but maybe other forum members :)
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  15. SuperNova

    SuperNova Well-Known Member

    Thank you @pausefisk . :)

    Why can I not see this promo on their page? If I can not see it I can not play it and help you. Sorry.
  16. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Unfortunatly I also do not get the Riddle promo anymore at Betsafe.
    Seems some players are not eligible anymore for such promos :(

    @pausefisk , thanks much for posting the riddle answers! I am sure it will help some players!
    You could also wait a day, as far I remember Betsafe will give you a hint then in your message box.
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  17. pausefisk

    pausefisk New Member

    Riddle #8 slot confirmed: Smashing Pumpkins.

    Riddle #9: Get 75 BIG spins (1€)

    “Love. Star. Storm. Each with a unique Girl Power, they unite for lunar victory. Not a queen yet, but one of them will be the…”

    Slot: Moon princess

    Good luck :)

    PS! I think the campain is for either contries or active players. Like Betsafe have every thursday cashdrop €5000 between 20:00-23:00, but only if you are active player. There is also yggdrasil missions going on each week, but unless you are an active player, you are not invited. Something like that i belive.
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