Bingo Empire - Christmas and New Year Specials



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May 27, 2008

Join in this fantastic month long leader board competition, which
runs from 1st December until 31st December*.
Be the player by most wagered and win CASH prizes, all of the TOP 30 will
receive a CASH Prize!!

Santa's Snowball

Share in Santa's $17, 500 Snowball prize pool.
Santa's Snowball Must Go Games play once everyday from the
1st December until 25th December.

24th, 25th and 26th December

The Three Days of Christmas... Join them for some Christmas cheer.
They have great games with $100 pots playing from 12 noon - 7pm EST,
playing on the 'Christmas tree' pattern with a $3000 JP.

26th December

Chill out and relax with these great Must Go Games.

They have three games for you, one game plays at 8pm EST with a
$250 Must Go Pot , one game plays at 9pm EST with a $300 Must Go
Pot and to round off your day at 10pm EST we have the
$500 Must Go pot to play for.

31st December 2008

It's Party Time..
Join in this day of party fun from 12 noon – 11pm EST their games have
$100 pots with a $2008 JP and will play on the 'champagne glass' pattern.
Say goodbye to 2008 in style.


To kick start your new year they have a fantastic $2009 Must Go
pot up for grabs.

This game will play at 12 Midnight December 31st on 25cent cards with
min 3 cards and max 1000 cards.

1st January 2009

Join them from 2pm - 10pm EST the games have $100 pots with a
$2009 JP playing on the 'Fireworks' pattern.

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