BLACK JACK success story

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Jun 7, 2008
It was early in the morning of Sunday the 27th, his bankroll decresed by the percent of 77th. Playing at a table was dealt pocket aces, under the gun the worst of all places. He push what he had left into the pot, compared to what he had it wasent alot. Hands became sweaty body was hot. Long story short he took down the pot, 26$ left He was left to gamble, Stood out of his chair and went to play blackjack, he really need my money lost back. He bet 25 only 1 dollar left, The end was near id need to re deposit, but suddenly luck appeared from the closet. A jack and an ace wow id tripled up, up to 76 what was left to lose, lets bet this all and get some more back. Dealer shows K blank, as he look to my hand. A Queen and a Ace oh what a sight earned back 150 in 3 minutes of the night.

Ups, sounds like a horor story )):cool:
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