Bonus Paradise Buy-In - Wass Poker Aug 30th

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  1. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Tournament Date: Saturday August 30th

    Tournament Time: 1:30pm server time{2:30 eastern time}

    Tournament Name: Bonus Paradise Bi-Weekly Buyin

    Tournament Game Type: 5-card draw

    Buy In: $2,20

    Tournament Password: holdemhigh

    Starting Chips:1500

    Blind Level Times: every 8 minutes

    Tournament Prizepool : $10 added​

    Play at WassPoker​
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  2. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    Where Are All My Poker Players At?
    So Far, Just Me Registered, Hope To See Some More Players
    Before Game Time! Need At Least 5 Total Players So the Game Doesn't Get Cancelled.
    Don't Forget, There Is An Additional $10 Added To the Prizepool
    So This Will Fatten The Pot Up Just A bit!
    Hope To See Some Of You There.​
  3. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Oh come on ...
    This is really sad, always for the freerolls we get players
    but not for a little buyin.
    It would be great if some of our members could show a little support at Wass so we can continue with Freerolls and have also a good chance then to get bigger prizes!

    Anyone able to join?
    I hope so, lol

    Good luck at the tables guys!​
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  4. dogbites68

    dogbites68 Active Member

    Great i forgot all about this tournament.I took on a bunch of work for this long weekend and might not be able to make it.Let me add i was booted before the last tournament started i sent in an e-mail to them and still havent heard back.That is now a week ago
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