Bonus Paradise is BACK

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May 5, 2008
Wow, what a shocker our host for
Bonus Paradise (Bravenet) has been affected by the wildfires.

For now, we are up and running.

This section of the World, (Eastern seaboard of USA and Canada)
has been hit real hard by the wildfires.

Let's hope for the best. Most importantly, let's hope the
people living in these regions are out of harms way.​
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Yes Lets Hope For The Best. Thanks For The Post Kotsy, I'm So Busy At Work, I Hadn't Realized This Had Been Going On, AS I Hardly Ever Watch Television Anymore. Thanks For Keeping Me Up On Current Events rof.
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Thank you so much for the post Kotsy!!!
OMG, I was trying and trying....​
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Yes the east is getting hit hard with fires this time of year.Out west isnt as bad as of yet.The reason for all this fires is here in Canada we have been getting an unusal amount of lightining storms.

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