Bonus Paradise Summer Cash Bash 2014 - 3 x €25 Cash to win

Discussion in 'Current Contests' started by Marina, Jun 9, 2014.

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  1. duleVU

    duleVU Active Member

    well,for me is long time to go to!I am in europe too!first I had to come in munich,then flight for over 10:30 hours!back flight was 8:30!yeah its long flight,but worth!
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  2. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    We have already a nice number of entries here, really great stories everyone!
    Good luck to each of you :)

    Would be nice to see a few more members entering our Summer Cash Bash Contest.
    Come on, don't be shy! Don't miss out on your chance on winning €25 FREE CASH!

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  3. Magic1

    Magic1 Active Member

    Ich fahre mit meiner Frau an die Nordsee und liege schon so schön am Strand und denke mir die ganze Zeit es fehlt doch etwas, aber was wohl? Als ich mich dann eincremen lassen möchte da merke ich das etwas fehlt. Was wohl??? Nein, nicht die Sonnencreme, sondern meine Frau die hab ich doch vor lauter Strandvorfreude am Rastplatz vergessen. Ich habe getankt und sie war auf dem Wc. :D:D:D

    Wenn ich nur Strand höre denke ich an nichts anderes mehr. :):):)
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  4. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    @Magic1 , das ist ja zu lustig, haha, mei oh mei, Ich denke du kannst dir ganz nett was anhören von deiner Frau :D
    Viel Glück in unserem Contest :)

    Magic1 and his wife driving to the North Sea to enjoy the beach. Once there, Magic1 notices that he misses something. He wants to start to put sun lotion on his skin and again he feels that he misses something.
    And then he knows it, he forgot his wife at the Tankstop on the Highway. She went to the restroom there while he did refuel the car.

    Hehe, to funny :)
    Thank you for entering, good luck !
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  5. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    I would like to hear more great stories!!
    Please enter our Free Cash Contest!!
  6. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    I am surprised that there are not more members entering our contest!
    Why is that?

    Thanks to everyone who entered so far and good luck :)
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  7. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Yeah come on, join the fun!!! There are some great prizes to win!
    Good luck friends!:)
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    OCEEAN New Member

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  9. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Oceean, please can you try to post in english, I cannot count your entry so.
    Sorry but noone of us understands Romanian language.
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  10. Went to the beach and realized that I forgot to bring my kids! Uh oh, gonna have to enjoy the peace and quiet I guess :)
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  11. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for entering @luckyirishgirl, well your kids won't be happy eh? But I guess you going to enjoy a peaceful day on the beach , lol
    Good luck in our contest dear! :)

    German - Deutsch

    luckyirishgirl kommt zum Strand und merkt , dass sie ihre Kinder vergessen hat.
    Nun geniesst sie einen friedlichen, ruhigen Tag am Strand :)
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  12. scion69

    scion69 Member

    brrr its winter here in new zealand now i forgot about that so the beach is a little cold and deserted at the momment
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  13. natrox

    natrox Active Member

    Oh mein Gott , ich hab das Bier und den Grill für den perfekten Strand Tag vergessen :(
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  14. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Ha this is to funny scion69! Now nothing else to do than making the best of this winter day at the Beach :)

    German - Deutch

    Scion69 ging zum Strand und hat ganz vergessen dass es ja Winter ist in Neuseeland :)

    Oh je natrox, wieder jemand der Bier vergessen hat, und den Grill auch noch! Das ist ja echt schade.
    Dann werden wir halt grillen so wie in der guten alten Zeit und ich mach mich auf die Suche nach Bier :)

    natrox forgot to bring beer and the barbecue with him. Well we could make a campfire and I am on my way to manage some beer :)

    Thank you for entering our contest scion69 and natrox
    Good luck!!
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  15. Tanietta1987

    Tanietta1987 Well-Known Member

    Mmmh, I do not go unfortunately to the sea from more 10-year-old for economic problems, but if my little memory help me i tell you one of my beautiful day to the sea along with the family that has not gone… a very funny episode well is when I have arrived all happy to the sea with the purse, the slippers, the hat on the head ready in order to face a day in full relax between dives, swims, laughter, music and… SUN! But looking in my purse I had forgotten the solar cream! Damn it, has not been at all pleasant because i remember that it has been one of that truly warm days of August and why i have a very clear skin I burn myself easy, can imagine how i came to house! I was all red one, it burnt me a lot and I had the skin where i can cook the eggs or the wurstel of how much it's been hot! Ahah :D From that day control always of having at least two confection of solar cream 50+ protection in my purse before i go to the sea!

    Good luck to all in this wonderful contest and i wish you a really good summer! <3
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  16. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for entering our contest Tanietta, good luck dear :)

    Hopefully you'll get the chance soon again for a nice day at the beach with sun protection cream :)

    German - Deutsch

    Tanietta schreibt dass sie in letzter Zeit gar nicht mehr am Strand war,
    Sie erzählt dass sie das letzte mal vor 10 Jahren war und das war nicht so ein tolles Erlebnis, denn sie hatte ihre Sonnecreme vergessen und kam nach Hause mit einem nicht so netten Sonnenbrand.
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  17. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much for your nice post friends!
    it is great to see you are entering:)
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  18. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you friends for entering our Summer Contest!
    Wish everyone the best of luck!
  19. VaennyTi

    VaennyTi Guest

    Only one day left! =) I wish everyone the best of luck!! =) There are so much very nice posts here, so I couldnt make a desicion who should be the winner! :D
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  20. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    This is the last day to enter this contest. Don't miss out on this nice chance to win €25 Cash.

    Thanks to everyone who entered so far, really very very nice stories from each of you :)
    Good luck friends!
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