Boy Sneaks Into Store to Play With Toys!

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Boy Sneaks Into Store to Play With Toys!

(Dec. 16) - Texas police responding to a store's burglar alarm
found a less-than-hardened criminal inside:
He was 4, and playing with the toys.
Detective Randy Stevens says the child apparently
unlocked a door at his nearby home,
got out, then crossed a street to reach the discount store.
Store surveillance video shows the unidentified boy
trying one of the front doors to a Family Dollar
store about 3 a.m. Monday, only to find it locked.
But the second door was unlocked and the child went inside.
That triggered the silent alarm.
"When the officers got there,
he was showing them his toys," said Officer Crystal Holmes.
Child Protective Services says the boy will be allowed to
stay with extended relatives while they review the incident.


I don't know to laugh or cry?:confused:
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