Bristol Palin pregnant

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So the 17 year old daughter of the GOP Vp nominee is pregnant. What is the big deal? I know that is something none of us would ever wish on our teenage kids but does that mean her mom is unfit for the role of VP? NO.
I Agree Completely With You Amyhop. This Really Has Nothing To Do With How She Would Run The Country Does It? I Guess This Was The Best Dirt They Could Find Since All Other Leads Seem To Have A Legitimate Reason Behind Them. Also I Say This, The Democrats Had To Come Up With Something, Because I Just Finished Watching Her Speech, And I Completely ADORE HER!! I Was Leaning Towards McCain, But I Think Sarah Palin, Has Definitely Won Me Over, And They Will Be Getting My Vote! What A Great Speech She Had Tonight! :super:
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She did have a great speech. I do not agree with her political views but no matter what happens in this election she is definitely one to be on the lookout for.
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I Think You May Be Right Barbjames. Mark
My Words Guys, I Think If She Has A Great 4 Years As Vice President{if They Win The Election}, I Think You Will See Her As 1st Lady President, Before Hillary Gets There.​
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Oh brother Hilary as Pres oh please.The only reason i think she running so if she gets in she can pay Bill back."I did not have sexaul relations with that man" lol
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It shouldn't matter what happens in their personal life, as whether they are great in office or not.
I have to agree with obama, and that the nominees family should be kept out of this whole thing.
it is not about the family's it is about if they do their jobs, and come through with what they say they are going to do
Thats Probably So tHat They Don't Bring Out Any Of Obama's Past To Light. I Believe That Obama Was Born To An Un-wed Mother From What I've Heard Around Some Radio News. But Obama Doesn't Have Alot To Worry About From The Media Bringing Up Much On Him. I Think 85% Of The Media Is On His Side.
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I does no matter whom´s daughter is pregnant or whatever...the onliest question should be:

Will one of the candidates stop the torture and murder of iraqi children if he wins the election???

About 40000 dead children are enough!
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