Britain's Biggest Bet Winners - #4 has "balls of steel"

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  1. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Some people seem to have Lady Luck infatuated with them. Odds are meaningless; winning is all that matters.
    Take a look at four of the greatest bet winners in the UK during the recent years.

    1. Dr Who?
    Just last night, a punter stunned bookmakers by chucking up a £500,000 windfall on a 40p accumulator bet. He had placed the bet on Bayern Munich winning the Champions League final, which it did last night. His odds, 1,666,666-to-one, are believed to be the most improbable in gambling history. Such luck is not exactly fortuitous for our lucky football fan. In 1999, he won £157,000 pounds from a £2.50 bet when Manchester United won the final. "It's like winning the lottery twice", says the bookmaker. Reported to be a nice, discreet family man, the unnamed winner predicted the champions of the top five English leagues and the three lower Scottish divisions this season. If he has a time machine or a crystal ball is anybody's guess, but he had warned the bookmaker staff when he won the first time: "I'm going to do you again."

    2. The 1p Horse-Whisperer
    Last year, a father-of-two who didn’t want to be identified won more than £200,000 making a series of 1p bets on horse racing with William Hill. During his winning streak, he won mind-boggling bets such as the one where 8 horses had to finish within the top four places in 8 races. He also placed 1p accumulator bets predicting 6, 5 and 4 horses that would win their races. At the end, his purse had swollen to £209,731. He said he had won in four figures earlier, but nothing close to the current spoils. "It wouldn't go a long way in the current economy" He said. Well, not if you don’t bet some of it on horse racing, Mr. Horse Whisperer!

    3. Stable Boy Millionaire
    Conor Murphy was 29 two years ago, and tired of being a stable boy. He was winning small bets, but it was going to take forever to become rich that way. He decided to shoot for the moon. Three months before the Cheltenham derby, he bet £50 on ALL five of his boss's horses winning. Placing the bet early gave Murphy greater odds, although he was accused of Dutch courage by some. Jaws dropped and eyes popped as Murphy's critics saw all his horses winning, and he walked away with his £1 million win. Needless to add, he quit his job and is still spending his million.

    4. Sundance Kid of Cheltenham
    Billionaire property tycoon JP McManus wasn't always rich, but his fearlessness has made him what he is today, the "Sundance Kid" of Cheltenham. No odds are formidable for McManus, who is famous for winning £1.3 million in just one day during the 2006 Cheltenham Festival. He is reputed to have "balls of steel" when it comes to taking risks—McManus would never flinch from betting a million pounds on a single horse. Heads turn to watch as he enters into any betting ring, with people wondering what he may be up to, so that they may take the cues for their own betting.

    How much is the highest you ever won?
    Let us know in your comments, and who knows, we may have to add you to our next list of greatest winner.
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  2. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    Wow, those are some pretty nice winnings. Imagine all 5 of your horses coming in?
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