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  1. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    BWin, known for providing online casino games and online poker CANNOT BE TRUSTED!

    Their affiliate program BEWINNERS have changed contracts with their existing affiliates/partners retroactively. The new terms are not only unacceptable, they are rogue!

    You might ask, well what does that has to do with me as a player. If an affiliate partner cannot trust BWIN anymore - why should a player do so?
    Our experiences with other online gambling operators show, if they cheat affiliates, they will cheat players sooner or later.
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  2. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Bwin Gets Rogue Review After Reinstating Rogue Terms and Conditions

    A little while back, we warned abouth the bwin affiliate program after the company began enforcing retroactive terms on their affiliates.
    They were handed a rogue status by our site and we also warned players to beware about playing at their sites.
    Our logic was simple – if a company can behave that way to their affiliates, there was nothing stopping them doing the same to their players.

    Now, we would like to update our post, or more likely – reiterate it. While we don’t like saying ‘we told you so’, in this case, it comes as a way to protect our customers.

    In recent days, Casinomeister has given Bwin Casino a complete rogue status, after the casino began reinstating predatory rogue terms for players.

    In 2016, when Bwin switched from a Playtech powered platform to one owned by GVC, the group removed a rogue term in its General Terms and Conditions section
    which implemented withdrawal limits to progressive payouts. At the time, the news was greeted with satisfaction by industry watchdogs such as Casinomeister

    However, it was recently brought to the site’s attention that this rogue term has been reinstated.

    Casinomeister shows that term 10.3 under General Terms and Conditions carries the following text:

    “You agree that the maximum amount that you may withdraw is twenty thousand US Dollars ($20,000) (or the equivalent amount in EUR or GBP currency) every 30 business days. All amounts larger than twenty thousand US Dollars ($20,000) will be paid every 30 business days until the full withdrawal amount is reached. This condition also applies to winnings of progressive jackpots.

    Obviously this term would seriously put a dampening on the winner of any progressive jackpot, but especially those whose sums go way past the EUR 1 million mark.

    What if, for example, you were to win the Hall of Gods jackpot which is currently past EUR 5 million?
    According to the terms and conditions at Bwin, if this happened on their site, you wouldn’t be able to claim more than € 20,000 a month.
    It would take you a whole 250 months (!) to get a prize that is rightfully yours.
    There is no denying that you would obviously try your luck at other online casinos where this term doesn’t exist and where you would receive your prize instantly – as it should be.

    “The progressive jackpots are pooled funds,” writes Casinomeister. “They do not belong to the casino and are paid directly to the player’s account via the software provider.
    For any casino property to have stipulations or limits of these withdrawals is predatory. They have placed the player into a situation where this player will start playing his funds back into the casino.”

    Players beware!
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