CakePoker buys TJ Cloutier's WSOP bracelet on Ebay



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Aug 30, 2008
Nova Scotia (in the woods)
Cake Poker recently purchased one of the WSOP championship bracelets won by legend TJ Cloutier. They found the bracelet on eBay earlier this week. Mr Cloutier won the bracelet when he took down the US $5,000 buy-in no-limit hold'em event at the 2005 WSOP.

They have plans to return the bracelet to Mr. Cloutier sometime soon as CakePoker operates on the same network as DoylesRoom , the site that Mr. Cloutier endorses.

In a recent interview Mr. Cloutier acknowledged that in addition to poker , his favorite casino game is craps. When eBay auctioned off his WSOP bracelet as well as a bracelet he won at the 2007 Poker Challenge in Oklahoma , it came to the attention of the poker establishment. This news caused concerns over Mr. Cloutier's losses at craps in Las Vegas.

Mr. Cloutier (with $10 million in career winnings) acknowledged that the bracelets in the auction once were his and that he needed some "extra cash" at the time . He said that he had pawned the bracelets near Dallas Texas , and tried to repurchase but when he did not arrive on time with the ticket and the money the pawnshop began the auction process.

The winning Ebay bid for the WSOP bracelet was a tad more than US $4,000 , while the winning bid on the Poker Challenge bracelet was just over US $2,500. CakePoker posted a message on their website stating that they will return the bracelet to Mr. Cloutier after "we have some fun". Boys will be boys !!.

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