Casino Heroes 3.0 Set to Launch!

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May 3, 2008
When the gaming group, Hero Gaming launched Casino Heroes three years ago, the face of online gambling as we know it changed forever.
Suddenly, the gaming platform turned into a magical kingdom, taking players into realms they’d never ever visited before.

Casino Heroes became more than just an online casino where the entertainment is great and the rewards plentiful.It also became a place where storytelling
is the norm, and where, “making gaming the fun-filled adventure that is natural and some would say a necessary part of life,” according to Hero Gaming.

Now, Hero Gaming has announced that it is ready to launch Casino Heroes 3.0, an upgraded version of its highly successful platform.
Although a release day has yet to be announced, Hero Gaming is building the suspense ahead of the rollout and letting players feel the excitement.

Hero Gaming has promised to keep things familiar so that “you won’t open the door and find that we’ve rearranged your favorite room.”
However, Casino Heroes 3.0 will be lighting “up the lamps in the dark to uncharted and unexplored corners of the room, so that you may view the clear picture of what our world is all about.”

So what can players expect to find in the new Casino Heroes 3.0?
  • The opportunity to enjoy parallel gameplay on multiple adventures on the platform.
  • An excellent gaming experience, where gameplay takes place on desktop or mobile devices.
  • A map view of the player’s personalized path across the islands in the magical kingdom.
  • A brand new island.

“A bunch of new Bosses will be crawling forth from dark, dark caves and treacherous trenches,” promises Hero Gaming.

As players form the center of their Hero Universe and its Adventurous Worlds, in the new Casino Heroes 3, players will be able to choose from 11 new Hero Avatars.
They will also learn about their unique skills and advantages against the Bosses.

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