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May 3, 2008
If you are unfamiliar with the casino or online gambling scene, you may feel a little intimidated by all of the unspoken gambling rules and “etiquette” in the house. In some cases, ignorance
really is bliss. However, when it comes to gambling, ignorance is a good way to… appear ignorant. Never fear! We’ve put together a handy list of tips for those of you who are feeling a little
unsure about the whole casino or online gambling experience ahead of you. It is certainly not a comprehensive list, but it will get you started and provide the foundation work on so you can
build your knowledge as you gain more experience.

In general, casino rules are simple enough but can be difficult for beginners to pick up on at first. Take a moment to review these tips.
Beginners and seasoned gamblers alike may find these simple reminders refreshing and helpful.

Tip One: Know the Games You Want to Play

When we say know the games, we mean know the games. When you walk into a casino, it is very important that you have at least some previous knowledge about the games you are about to play.
If you walk up and join a round of poker, but you only have a card background in playing go-fish, you may quickly find yourself out of your element and even embarrassed. Take advantage of the
many online resources available for beginning gamblers; there is a wide variety of information available concerning game rules, game odds, game etiquette, etc. If the game you are interested seems
too complicated to learn about from an article or book, try asking a trustworthy friend to show you the ropes. Or, better yet, take him or her out with you for a night at the casino. Chances are, you will
pick up a trick or two, and the two of you will have a lot of fun at the same time. Who would turn down a deal like that?

Tip Two: Predetermine Your Limit

A gambler who spends too much money at a casino or online gambling establishment to the extent financial discomfort is a gambler who is unwise or even addicted. Obviously, this kind of reckless
gambling goes far beyond the fun of gambling and implies a great deal of unhealthy, negative consequences. The terms “financial advice” and “money management” probably prompt you to tears of
boredom; however, it is truly important to take a moment before you go gambling and set a financial limit for yourself. Doing so does not make you an overly cautious person; it simply makes you a smart one.

Money isn’t the only limit to be watched when it comes to gambling. Online and traditional gambling establishments are a lot of fun and can sometimes pull you in like a vortex for a lot longer than you
had anticipated. Before you step foot in a gambling house or open a gambling tab on your browser, decide how much time it would be wise to spend enjoying yourself. If you have to go to work early in
the morning, set a curfew for yourself so that you do not end up arriving at work functioning with half the efficiency you normally have. If gambling ever interferes with your “everyday” life, you may
want to draw some boundaries for yourself.

Tip Three: Don’t Be Paranoid About Taxes

Taxes are known as a gambler’s worst nightmare. However, unless you walk out of the casino having won millions of dollars, there is really no need for you to worry about tax problems.
If you do happen to win a few thousand during your gambling endeavors, just set aside the recommended percentage so that when tax time rolls around you will not be left empty-pocketed.
There are many helpful tools available for those who are interested in calculating how much they will owe in taxes ahead of time; try doing a search on your favorite search engine for tax tips.
You may be surprised at how simple some of today’s modern tools make taxes. If you do a little homework, there is no need to be worried about slapped on the wrist by Uncle Sam.

This list of three tips might seem short and somewhat obvious, but once you get in the middle of things during a really good gambling match, it can be hard to remember some of the most basic tips out there.
If you have trouble remembering to set aside time to prepare for your gambling endeavors and set limits, try setting an alarm about twenty minutes before it is time to begin playing. Take a few minutes to line
things out and then put your math away—it’s time to have fun. By keeping these tips in mind, you will be able to enjoy gambling minus any unnecessary distress. So, there you have it. Call a friend and schedule
a gambling night for a fun getaway from your work week. You will not regret the limits you have set, and you certainly will not regret a fun night of rolling the dice.
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