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Feb 23, 2009
Casino Rama is the Casino that I visit on a fairly frequent basis, it is located in Orillia, Ontario Canada. I have been to others but this one is the best we have to offer near where I live. It does not have an internet gambling site attached to this Casino. I have played the slots the most and have won on occasion but nothing really big. My worst losses came in the Poker room which is quite small under 10- 10 seat tables. My best winnings came on the Bonus Hold'em tables; for those of you not familiar with Bonus Holdem it is played like blackjack, you against the dealer. The Bonus is a bet you make before the cards are dealt and it can be from $1 to $25 max. The payouts on this bonus are not the most frequent but when they hit it is amazing. I hit Pocket Aces with a $5 bet and won $150; if the dealer had had pocket Aces I would have made $5000.The staff at this Casino are very friendly and bend over backwards to help you with anything that might come up. The bonuses are quite frequent and I get to enjoy free concerts by top performance acts and free meals every time I go. If I spend a certain amount of money they send me free cash to play at their Casino on my next visit. The best times to go are early in the morning as the table limits are much lower. Maybe I will see some of you there in the future


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Jun 1, 2008
Grottoes, Virginia, U.S.A.
Thanks for sharing Krown, seems
like an interesting casino. Also, I've played alot of poker, but
never heard of the bonus poker game you speak of, but i bet its a nice
little twist to the regular thing.​
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