Casino Software Random Number generator Certification for Casino Extreme

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May 27, 2008

Casino Extreme is proud to announce the certification of their
Casino software's Random Number generator.

The evaluation and resultant certification of the core random number
generator used by our casino software (developed by Realtime Gaming)
has been found to be compliant and fair.

An extract from the certification states "TST has verified, through
mathematical and statistical analysis, that the RealTime Gaming's Core RNG
distributes numbers with fair distribution, lack of bias to particular outcomes
and sufficient non-predictability. TST's Final Outcome Distribution Tests
were performed using confidence intervals between 95% and 98%,
which are documented intervals of confidence for such statistical analysis.

The evaluation has shown that Realtime Gaming's Core RNG
produces a statistically acceptable source of random numbers..."

For more information about Technical Testing Systems please
visit their website here
Casino Extreme is dedicated to ensuring a fair and safe environment for
online casino gaming and peace of mind for all our customers.

For the certification document (PDF Format) please visit Casino Extreme
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