Common Casino Cheats to Watch Out For

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May 3, 2008
When you go out to the casino to have a fun night, being defensive towards potential cheaters is probably the last thing on your mind. However, you might want to start putting a little more
thought into the most common methods people use to cheat and how they do so in an effort to protect yourself from fellow gamblers who may not be entirely on the level. You do not want to
be paranoid about what your fellow gamblers are up to, because there is some value to giving individuals the benefit of the doubt. However, it may be wise to consider a few of the common
methods of cheating so that if someone is acting a little sketchy you can be on the lookout for trouble.

Read the common cheating methods below to gain some useful information that may help you avoid “bad apple” players in the future.

The False Shuffle

The false shuffle is a casino cheat that requires the “help” of one of the casino’s card dealers. In order to successfully pull of the trick, the dealer sets up and uses a false shuffle instead of a
regular shuffle. False shuffles are intended to look precisely like a normal shuffle, but they actually leave some specific cards in place without the knowledge of any non participating onlookers.
Therefore, players who are participating in the cheat can track the important cards and know exactly where the special unshuffled cards may be sitting. Obviously, a player who knows what
cards are where has a distinct advantage over the other players.

Roulette Past Posting

Past posting is a very old trick and it is still present in the gambling industry even today. The cheat is very simple; players put their chips down on the winning number after the roulette ball has
been plopped into the roulette wheel. Two cheaters typically team up during this trick. One is in charge of distracting the dealer when the drop is made so that the other can slyly place the chips
in an ideal location. Having two players acts as insurance because when one player is caught, his chips are removed - but the other gambler’s chips stay in tact and winnings are still collected.

Card Switching

Card switching is also referred to as hand mucking by those in the casino industry. Card switching is another cheat that has been around for a very long time - it is one of the oldest tricks in the book.
Back in the day, this trick involved very simplistic tricks that involved illusion or sleight of hand. However, technology has allowed for the use of devices known as “holdouts.” Cheating gamblers
use holdout devices to hide a card up their sleeves and then apply them back onto the table at a beneficial time. Supposedly, casinos and other gambling establishments have lost millions upon millions
of dollars due to this particular cheat. One of the primary casinos in Connecticut was taken advantage of in the year 2010; hundreds of thousands of dollars were stolen thanks to the utilization of a
sophisticated holdout device that switched cards subtly during baccarat games in the casino. The cheaters were eventually caught and spent time in prison - not to mention paying back the hefty fees
charged due to fraud and theft. Needless to say, they were not able to keep much of their foul-play winnings.

Slots Shenanigans

Slot machines used to be simple devices that operated with a system of levers and pulleys. Many cheaters used a technique called “fishing” in which the cheaters attached a piece of string or twine
to a coin and dropped it in the machine - only to pull it back out later. However, technology has created an entirely new beast: the computerized slot machine.

Due to the technological nature of today’s slot machines, cheating methods have grown more and more sophisticated. The way people cheat slot machines during present day involves a technological
computer chip that is programmed to fool the slot machine’s bill validator. Said device looks like a dollar bill because it has been disguised in an attempt to prevent casino authorities from catching on.
The “dollar” actually consists of two prongs that, upon hitting the slot machine contact, fool the machine into thinking that the user actually fed a one hundred dollar bill into the machine.
Casinos finally discovered the underhanded technique and modified slot machines so that previous cheating devices became useless.

The examples of cheating given above are certainly not the only forms of cheating that take place, but they may help you develop a healthy sense of awareness when you walk into a casino.
Not everyone is playing “on the level.” Remember that there are players who count cards legitimately; these players are referred to as “advantage players.” These methods are acceptable
and should not cause you to suspect illegal activity. However, it may be time to take action when you suspect that a player is using a device of some kind to procure his or her winnings.

In short, stay alert and play fair. Everyone will have more fun that way.
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May 5, 2008
Great read. When I first started reading this, of course I thought of the Casino. But it's the player that cheats.

In my opinion, these cheaters need to be banned from all. It makes all of us honest players look bad.
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